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Bimber Distillery London Rum

Bimber Distillery London Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBimber Distillery London Rum. The Bimber journey is one that has it’s beginnings in Malt Whisky. The Craft  Micro Distillery at 56 Sunbeam Road, London NW10 6JQ began by producing a Malt Whisky.

Bimber now produce other spirits, such as this rum under the Bimber brand. Whilst Bimber is very much a London brand it’s name is very Polish. Bimber means Moonshine in Polish. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Matugga Spiced Rum

MAtugga Spiced Rum Review by the fat rum pirateMatugga Spiced Rum is the latest in a batch of new Spiced Rums which are using English Spirit Distillery’s Old Salt Rum as their pot still rum base.

I recently reviewed Matugga Golden Rum just in time for its release at the London Rumfest in November.  I also published a press release which should explain just about everything you need to know about the brand. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Old Amazon No1. Tonka Bean Infused Rum

Old Amazon No1. Tonka Bean Infused Rum Review by the fat rum pirateOld Amazon No1. is the brainchild of Olly Simpson who is behind along with two of his friends Rum Fellows Ltd.  In 2014, Olly tested his rum infusions on unsuspecting friends at a BBQ.  Inspired by their positive reaction he set about Rum Fellows first creation…..

I’m always interested (often sceptical) in new rums and this Rum Infusion sparked my interest immediately.  Being a British rum did nothing to sway my enthusiasm. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

British Rum – The Rise of the Craft and Micro-Distiller

British RumRum and Britain have a long and tangled past together similar to other plundering European countries such as France, Spain and the Netherlands.  Indeed the very origins of the word “rum” has been attributed to each of these nations (and others) at some point.

Like it or not rum was used as a commodity by British Privateers and was used to establish the slave trade in the Caribbean and the US.  Empires were built on the trade of goods in the Caribbean and the islands frequently changed ownership between the warring European Empires. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Alnwick Rum

Alnwick Rum Spirit of Northumberland review by the Fat rum pirateThe Legendary Alnwick Rum no less.  The Spirit of Northumberland it proclaims.  Not much of a proclamation to make really.   I can’t think of a drink other than Newcastle Brown Ale the North East has produced, which is famous beyond its own counties borders.

We’re a funny little bunch up here in the North East of England.  When we aren’t watching our EPL soccer teams FC United of Newcastle and the Mackem Red and White Stripes, reading the Viz or eating Kebabs we are usually to be found boozing.  In actual fact we usually do most of these things pretty much at the same time……. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Smith & Cross London Traditional Jamaica Rum

SMITH AND CROSS Jamaica Rum Review OverproofSmith & Cross can trace their heritage back as far as 1788, producing of sugar and spirits.  Importing vast quantities of rum and sugar from Jamaica.  At one point they had a Sugar Distillery at 203 Thames Street at the old London docks. on the banks of the River Thames.

Smith & Cross is a 100% Jamaican pot still rum.  It is distilled in Jamaica at the famous Hampden Estate, who still produce their own line of rums.  The rum is produced from molasses, cane juice and syrup from freshly pressed sugar cane.  It is a mixture of heavy Wedderburn pot still rum (aged for only six months) and the more medium bodied Plummer, which is aged for up to 3 years in our old friend the bourbon barrel.  For further detailed information try http://www.alpenz.com/images/poftfolio/smithcross114rum.htm they will explain things far better than I ever could! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Old Salt Rum

Old Salt Rum Review EnglandOld Salt Rum is the only rum fermented and distilled in England.  It’s triple distilled in small batches using a traditional copper still.  The rum seeks to evoke the taste of rum 200 years ago and has a Pirate theme to its rear label.

The rum is sealed with red wax with ES (English Spirit) emblazoned on the top of the bottle.  English Spirit is the name of the distillery which produces the rum.  The distillery is based in Cambridgeshire.  The rum is sealed (once you get into the wax) with a synthetic cork stopper.  The 50cl (not 70cl) bottle is taller and thinner than most.  It will require carefully handling as it will be quite easily knocked over.  The styling of the bottle, in keeping with the Pirate theme is very similar to Patron’s Pyrat Pistol rum.  The packaging of which is supposed to evoke the image of the firearms a Pirate would have used. The rum retails at around £25 per bottle. I’ve yet to find it in a store but its available very easily online in the UK (maybe less so abroad). Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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