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Smith & Cross London Traditional Jamaica Rum

SMITH AND CROSS Jamaica Rum Review OverproofSmith & Cross can trace their heritage back as far as 1788, producing of sugar and spirits.  Importing vast quantities of rum and sugar from Jamaica.  At one point they had a Sugar Distillery at 203 Thames Street at the old London docks. on the banks of the River Thames.

Smith & Cross is a 100% Jamaican pot still rum.  It is distilled in Jamaica at the famous Hampden Estate, who still produce their own line of rums.  The rum is produced from molasses, cane juice and syrup from freshly pressed sugar cane.  It is a mixture of heavy Wedderburn pot still rum (aged for only six months) and the more medium bodied Plummer, which is aged for up to 3 years in our old friend the bourbon barrel.  For further detailed information try they will explain things far better than I ever could! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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