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Matugga Spiced Rum

MAtugga Spiced Rum Review by the fat rum pirateMatugga Spiced Rum is the latest in a batch of new Spiced Rums which are using English Spirit Distillery’s Old Salt Rum as their pot still rum base.

I recently reviewed Matugga Golden Rum just in time for its release at the London Rumfest in November.  I also published a press release which should explain just about everything you need to know about the brand. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Matugga Golden Rum

Matugga Gold RumEarlier this week I posted up a Press release on Matugga Rum.  Whilst this site is largely independent I am still happy enough (on occasion) to publish Press Releases or do some advertising for companies if I think they are a good enough cause.

I don’t just publish everything that is sent to me nor do I routinely accept samples.  However, in this instance and armed with enough knowledge about the rum (not just from the press release) I am comfortable enough to review the samples Matugga have kindly sent me.  I shall explain my confidence in this product. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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