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Damoiseau Rhum Blanc 50%

Damoiseau Rhum Blanc 50% rum review by the fat rum pirateDamoiseau Rhum Blanc 50%  I’ve covered Guadeloupe’s rum distillery Damoiseau before. I’ve also got a few more of their rhums to cover in the future as well. Today I am taking a look at one of their more entry level products. In the shape of an white agricole rhum bottled at a hefty 50%. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rhum Neisson Blanc 55%

Rhum Neisson Blanc 55% review by the fat rum pirateRhum Neisson Blanc 55%. Neisson are a Rhum Agricole producer from Martinique. Neisson produce their rhums from sugar cane harvested at their distillery and are a cane to bottle operatiion. They are not a brand that buy in rhum for blending and ageing.

Set up in 1931 Distillerie Neisson or Thieubert-Carbet and situated in the Le Carbet area of the island on the North-Caribbean coastline, sadly Distillerie Neisson is the only distillery still operating in the area. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rhum J.M Blanc (50% ABV)

Rhum J.M Blanc 50% White rum review by the fat rum piratRhum J.M are rhum agricole producer from Martinique.  Located in north of the island at the foot of Mount Pelée.  Rhum J.M Blanc is one of the houses less expensive bottlings.  It is a firm favourite amongst agricole lovers that like a bit more bite to their white rum.

Distilling the juice of sugar cane gives birth to this white agricultural rum. All Rhum J.M. AOC rums are produced exclusively from sugar cane grown entirely by the family in the highlands of Bellevue. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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