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Rhum Clement Canne Bleue

Clement Canne Bleue Rum review by the fat rum pirateRhum Clement Canne Bleue. Today I am reviewing a Rhum Blanc Agricole from Martinican producer Rhum Clement.

Rhum Clement Canne Bleue is produced from one strain of sugar cane. Blue Sugar Cane which, is grown on the Rhum Clement estate.

The rhum I am reviewing today is the continuous release. In addition to this, Clement also bottle a yearly edition of Rhum Clement Canne Bleue. With different bottle designs and a differing rhum each year. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rhum Neisson Blanc 55%

Rhum Neisson Blanc 55% review by the fat rum pirateRhum Neisson Blanc 55%. Neisson are a Rhum Agricole producer from Martinique. Neisson produce their rhums from sugar cane harvested at their distillery and are a cane to bottle operatiion. They are not a brand that buy in rhum for blending and ageing.

Set up in 1931 Distillerie Neisson or Thieubert-Carbet and situated in the Le Carbet area of the island on the North-Caribbean coastline, sadly Distillerie Neisson is the only distillery still operating in the area. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bologne Black Cane (2016)

Bologne Black Cane Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBologne Black Cane is a relatively new white rhum agricole from established producer Rhum Bologne. Hailing from the island of Guadeloupe, Rhum Bologne are perhaps best known for the popularity of their rhum blanc.

This is produced in various ABV’s and some is even available by the bag in box method in many French supermarkets.  Have I ever mentioned the variety of white agricole rhum available in French supermarkets at crazy prices?  Wow! Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Karukera Silver

Karukera are an Agricole Rhum producer from Guadeloupe. Karukera is the original
Arawak (Caribbean Indan) name for Guadeloupe. Despite the very slick presentation (which caused me to overlook this brand) Karukera have been distilling and producing rhum since 189Karukera Silver Rum Review by the fat rum pirate5.

The Esperence distillery in Sainte Marie – “Certain Origins do not Deceive” is the companies tag line.  Karukera have a very nice website unfortunately for me its all in French and resists translation.  There is a lot of information there and I can pick out bits but not a lot unfortunately! In all honesty the relatively modern presentation of all the Karukera rhums make me wonder if all this history is entirely correct. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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