Rhum J.M Blanc (50% ABV)

Rhum J.M Blanc 50% White rum review by the fat rum piratRhum J.M are rhum agricole producer from Martinique.  Located in north of the island at the foot of Mount Pelée.  Rhum J.M Blanc is one of the houses less expensive bottlings.  It is a firm favourite amongst agricole lovers that like a bit more bite to their white rum.

Distilling the juice of sugar cane gives birth to this white agricultural rum. All Rhum J.M. AOC rums are produced exclusively from sugar cane grown entirely by the family in the highlands of Bellevue.

The Bellevue distillery (also incorrectly noted as Belvedere on some Indie bottlings) is located on the flanks of Mount Pelee.  The producers claim the rich volcanic soil give the rhum its unique flavour profile.  They are very keen on using terroir (the land on which the sugar cane grows) to identify and highlight the uniqueness of their agricole rhum.

Rhum J.M along with Rhum Clement and the recently acquired St Lucia Distillers are part of the GBH (Groupe Bernard Hayot) Spirit Division.

To the more casual consumer white agricole does perhaps have a more consistent and similar profile than molasses bases rums from differing brands and islands.  That is largely because most agricole follows a similar process and comes from only a handful of locations.  The more refined agricole drinker probably will notice more nuances than me as I am relatively inexperienced with agricole rhum.

Presentation wise Rhum J.M Blanc comes in a stubby style bottle with a hand drawn effect label.  It’s bright and vibrant – its old style rather than old fashioned and it does stand out.  A bottle in the UK will set you back around £30 for a 70cl which comes in at 50% ABV.

The best selection of Rhum J.M products comes from Amathus drinks who import the range.

In the Rhum J.M Blanc 50% White rum review by the fat rum pirateglass we have a translucent spirit which is likely to have benefited from some filtration to give it a clear appearance.

The nose is familiar – kind of standard for white agricole.  It’s not as vegetal as some and it exhibits a little more fruit notes than many.  Bruised banana, citrus peel, maybe some ginger and nutmeg.  Overall its quite sweet but displays a more savoury vegetal note.

It is not quite as vibrant and fresh as Bologne Black Cane – maybe a little more muddled together if that makes sense.  It’s ever so slightly muted in comparison.

Sipped the rum is quite difficult to get down.  It’s very spicy and quite grassy.  With a few further sips it does get better.  There is quite a lot of flavour – spicy almost ginger beer like notes alongside the banana from the nose and some strong tart citrus notes.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say its unbalanced but it is certainly a little on the challenging side.

It is largely recommended to use Rhum J.M as a mixer – in traditional drinks such as Ti Punch or in more exotic cocktails calling for White Agricole.

Mixed it certainly works better it makes very enjoyable Ti Punch and is equally good with soda water and lemonade.  It’s also very pleasant in a Daiquiri.  It adds nice spicy notes to each drink – its quite vegetal.  In that respect similar to a Jamaican Overproof.

At its price point it is certainly good value and makes for a nice introduction to white agricole.  Even at 50% once mixed it seems more easy going and is surprisingly easy to drink.  Making it a little dangerous!

It’s reasonably complex and its certainly a very competent and enjoyable white agricole.  It could perhaps be a bit more vivid and punchy but it has enough to entertain and it becomes surprisingly addictive.

Almost very good but not quite.  Just missing maybe a bit more definition.



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  1. Try the Pere Labqt 59% if you haven’t already, would like to hear your thoughts.

    • **Labat**

      • Thanks Karl. I will make sure I get some to try

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