Bologne Black Cane (2016)

Bologne Black Cane Rum Review by the fat rum pirateBologne Black Cane is a relatively new white rhum agricole from established producer Rhum Bologne. Hailing from the island of Guadeloupe, Rhum Bologne are perhaps best known for the popularity of their rhum blanc.

This is produced in various ABV’s and some is even available by the bag in box method in many French supermarkets.  Have I ever mentioned the variety of white agricole rhum available in French supermarkets at crazy prices?  Wow!

Whilst aged rhum agricole has its own more limited fanbase, white rhum agricole seems to transcend the French speaking world.  Many molasses rum drinkers are keen on drinks such as Ti Punch. A lot of rum enthusiasts have a favourite white agricole.

Finding a bottle of Bologne Black Cane in the UK isn’t that easy.  In the end I ordered from Excellence Rhum.  A bottle will set you back just over £30 depending on the exchange rate.  The rhum comes in a very attractive and modern 70cl bottle. ABV is 50%.

In recent years a number of rhum agricoles have sprung up with “new” or more intense strains of sugar cane being used.  Bologne Black Cane is one such rhum.

Produced from Black Sugar Cane, something which long fell out of favour due to its low yield. Made using 100% sugar cane Bologne Black Cane is a limited edition with only 10,000 bottles produced annually.  This review is the 2016 edition.

The black cane is hand harvested after 12 months of maturity, then carefully cleaned, crushed and the resulting juice is fermented over 48 hours. Distillation gives an “Eau-de-vie” at 70% ABV, which is rested for six months before being reduced to 55% ABV, and 52% ABV and finally to 50% after an additional 6 months.

Bologne Black Cane Rum Review by the fat rum pirateApologies if the above paragraph doesn’t read perfectly I was trying to translate the French to English Translation into better English. Without losing the emphasis of the original.  I’ve probably failed…….

The Black Cane is said by the producers to produce a richer, more powerful and flavoursome rum.  If this was coming from Central America I would shout loudly “Bullshit!”

In the glass Bologne Black Cane presents itself as a translucent spirit. So I’m not sure if it has been aged in barrels for any period or just rested in steel.  (Any further information is greatly appreciated people)

The nose is very refined for a White Agricole Rhum bottled at 50% ABV.  It is not as grassy or as vegetal as other young agricoles.  It has a really inviting sweet fruity nose.  Passion Fruit, Mango, Gooseberries and Lychees giving a complex aromatic aroma.

As you nose more you notice a little more citrus and just hints of the grassy sugarcane which so often dominate younger white agricole rhums.  The difference in the sugarcane strain used in this rum is very evident.  Even to someone who is not overly familiar with agricole rhums.  It’s nicely balanced with just a hint of oak and spice.

As a sipper this works surprisingly well.  Giving a very flavourful and complex experience.  The fruit flavour promised by the nose more than delivers when sipped (it is sippable even at 50% ABV).  Mango, bananas, pears, limes, tangerines the fruit flavour bursts out from this white rhum.

In long drinks with soda water or even lemonade or even in a simple Ti Punch this rhum really is a star.  It’s sweet yet it has a really nice complexity- a touch of ginger spiciness and a tiny hint at barrel ageing.Bologne Black Cane Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

What is most impressive about the Bologne Black Cane is how well balanced and how defined the flavours are.  It is not a difficult rum to describe because the cane used has produced a rhum which is very striking and the flavours are very vivid.

This is from my limited experienced one of the best Agricole Rhums I have tried so far and as result it comes highly recommended.  I’ll refrain from giving it an even higher score for now as I continue my Agricole discovery.




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  1. Sounds like excellent value for money. Putting this on my list to try when ordering something from Rhum Excellence again. 🙂

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