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Distillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97

Distillere de Paris Rhum Galabe 97 Rhum Rum Review by the fat rum pirateDistillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97. This is the first distillery to open in Paris for over 100 years. The distillery is ran by the Julhes Brothers, Sebastien and Nicolas. The distillery produces Gin, Vodka and this Rhum Galabe which I am reviewing for you today.

Rhum Galabe is not some fancy brand name. Galabe is actually a traditional form of pressed sugar cane juice, which is produced on the Reunion Island. The resulting solid product is often eaten as candy there. It is the product that is used to produce this rhum. I am not 100% how this qualifies 100% as a rhum but it is for sale as a rhum/rum so I will review it as such. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Karukera Silver

Karukera are an Agricole Rhum producer from Guadeloupe. Karukera is the original
Arawak (Caribbean Indan) name for Guadeloupe. Despite the very slick presentation (which caused me to overlook this brand) Karukera have been distilling and producing rhum since 189Karukera Silver Rum Review by the fat rum pirate5.

The Esperence distillery in Sainte Marie – “Certain Origins do not Deceive” is the companies tag line.  Karukera have a very nice website unfortunately for me its all in French and resists translation.  There is a lot of information there and I can pick out bits but not a lot unfortunately! In all honesty the relatively modern presentation of all the Karukera rhums make me wonder if all this history is entirely correct. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bardinet Rhum Negrita

imageIn 1857 a young wine and spirit merchant called Paul Bardinet began blending and ageing the “tafia” (as it was called at the time) or sugar-cane alcohol, which arrived in Limoges, France from the far flung islands of the Caribbean.

Legend goes that Bardinet worked on taming the firewater, which arrived on French shores with various blending and ageing techniques until he was producing something comparable to the Rhum Negrita which is now commonly available across mainland Europe.  In particular France and Spain. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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