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SBS x UK Rum Club Summer Charity Pack Release

For those of you who perhaps aren’t members of the group, as well as running this website, I am also one of the admins of The UK Rum Club. This is a Facebook group which run along with Steven James of Rum Diaries Blog. This is a group which focuses more on Rum without Additives, than most others around at the moment. Please feel free to join as it will allow you access to this exciting bottling coming in the Summer.

SBS x UK Rum Club Summer Charity Pack Release

It’s time to look towards our next 4 x 200ml bottle pack and again it will have a charity donation.

We haven’t fully decided upon the charities yet but we do know the pack contents

Each pack will contain the following:

Jamaica – Hampden HGML Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

The UK Rum Club x SBS Release

As a few readers may be aware, I am one of the Founders and Admins of The UK Rum Club which is a Facebook Group with around 2600 members. We focus on pure rums over spiced, flavoured or doctored products

Along with our first release due out in the next month or so which is a Chairman’s Reserve bottling in conjunction with Royal Mile Whiskies, we have recently announced a collaboration with S.B.S Single Barrel Selection Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

An Interview with RumCask

An Interview with RumCask Rum Interview by the fat rum pirate ArticleAn Interview with RumCask. I will keep the introduction for this one fairly brief as the three lads that make up the RumCask team Indy, Jaz and Chet have really put the effort in when it has come to this interview!

I’ve been friendly with the RumCask lads since the Manchester Rum Festival in 2017 where I met Indy. I had briefly met them previously at London Rumfest but discussions had been in larger groups rather than speaking to them on a more personal level. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

S.B.S – Single Barrel Selection Barbados 2008 Marsala Cask

SBS Barbados 2008 Marsala Cask Rum Review by the fat rum pirateS.B.S – Single Barrel Selection Barbados 2008 Marsala Cask. Single Barrel Selection is part of the 1423 groups output. Formed in 2008 1423 are based in Denmark and are headed up by co-owners Thomas Vogensen, Parminder S Bhatia and Joshua Singh.

1423 seek out single casks of rum and also bottle blends of rum in their Companera range. Their range has recently become more prominent in the UK thanks to Skylark Spirits who are importing the 1423 rums into the UK. Should you wish to learn more about 1423 they have a very informative website here. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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