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Rum of the Year 2020 – Shortlist

Rum of the Year 2020 - Shortlist by the fat rum pirateRum of the Year 2020 – Shortlist. Now, we all know 2020 didn’t really go as we all might have expected. I’m not going to go too much into that here. I think we are all probably sick of hearing about it. I know I am.

Instead, we’ll just focus on all the great rum that came available in 2020. Luckily I haven’t been impacted by COVID-19 or the impending finalisation of Brexit, so far at least, in terms of available rum purchases. Some releases have been delayed but despite this, we still have a damned good shortlist for Rum of the Year 2020. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

The UK Rum Club x SBS Release

As a few readers may be aware, I am one of the Founders and Admins of The UK Rum Club which is a Facebook Group with around 2600 members. We focus on pure rums over spiced, flavoured or doctored products

Along with our first release due out in the next month or so which is a Chairman’s Reserve bottling in conjunction with Royal Mile Whiskies, we have recently announced a collaboration with S.B.S Single Barrel Selection Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rumvent Calendar

Rumvent Calendar 2015 by rhe fat rum pirateThe Rumvent Calendar.  Join us throughout December as we count down towards Christmas, with a tot a day.

24 rums have been selected in miniature form to help us enjoy the countdown to Christmas.  No doubt amongst these rums will be one or two you have put on Santa’s list.

The selection is quite eclectic featuring rums new in 2015, older classics and some limited edition rums which are alas, no longer available. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

An Interview with Neil Mathieson – Mezan Rum

Mezan RumAs Managing Director of the self styled “untouched rum” Neil Mathieson has set the bar high in terms of expectation.

Over the past few years a debate has focused around the practice of adding sugar and other additives during the production of rum.  For many such alterations are viewed as entirely unacceptable. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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