SBS x UK Rum Club Summer Charity Pack Release

For those of you who perhaps aren’t members of the group, as well as running this website, I am also one of the admins of The UK Rum Club. This is a Facebook group which run along with Steven James of Rum Diaries Blog. This is a group which focuses more on Rum without Additives, than most others around at the moment.
Please feel free to join as it will allow you access to this exciting bottling coming in the Summer.

SBS x UK Rum Club Summer Charity Pack Release

It’s time to look towards our next 4 x 200ml bottle pack and again it will have a charity donation.

We haven’t fully decided upon the charities yet but we do know the pack contents

Each pack will contain the following:

Jamaica – Hampden HGML

Guyana – DDL Port Mourant

Martinique – Le Galion Gran Arôme

Fiji – SPD Pot Still

Each will have spent 8 – 10 months in PX Casks

As we are dealing with aged products, we need to be able to buy and sell the entire barrel contents. There will be around 160-170 packs available but to make this possible we need a minimum level of pre-sale / registered interest for 150 bottles

Release is scheduled for around May / June

Price will be £120 per pack with £10 per pack being donated to charity (more to come on this)

Some great Rum in the pack, we know that the original SBS Fiji and the SBS Martinique were two great releases from 2020 so we can’t wait to get these new bottles out there

Register your interest via email at [email protected] using “SBS Summer Pack” as the subject

We need your name, full postal address that you’ll be using for delivery, contact number, email address and the amount of packs that you’d like to purchase

Your information will then be collated and forwarded to Skylark Spirits for sales and distribution

Thanks in anticipation for your support




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