Distillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97

Distillere de Paris Rhum Galabe 97 Rhum Rum Review by the fat rum pirateDistillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97. This is the first distillery to open in Paris for over 100 years. The distillery is ran by the Julhes Brothers, Sebastien and Nicolas. The distillery produces Gin, Vodka and this Rhum Galabe which I am reviewing for you today.

Rhum Galabe is not some fancy brand name. Galabe is actually a traditional form of pressed sugar cane juice, which is produced on the Reunion Island. The resulting solid product is often eaten as candy there. It is the product that is used to produce this rhum. I am not 100% how this qualifies 100% as a rhum but it is for sale as a rhum/rum so I will review it as such.

Distillerie de Paris are quite famous for their gin, of which they produce only 400 bottles per month. I am not sure how limited this rhum is. I assume it is a small batch product produced on a Pot Still. Certainly its not produced on a huge industrial multi column still. Bottle and batch numbers are printed on the front of the bottle. I only have a sample so I am unsure which batch/bottle etc. it is bottled at 43% ABV.

The Distillery have their own website it translates reasonably well into English. Looking at the website they now have an Amber Rhum and a Little Mary Rhum. Further reading reveals this may be a rhum sourced from Marie Galante. I can’t actually find the Rhum Galabe on the website so it may not be available anymore.

Distillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe was released in 2018 and you can still find bottles of this for sale at £58.95 on Master of Malt. When poured Distillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97 is a golden brown colour with no signs of any colouring.

All the Distillerie de Paris spirits are housed in the same stubby 50cl bottle with a very similar minimalist kind of design. It doesn’t really jump out at you as such but its unusual enough to merit a second glance.

The nose is buttery, with lots of peanuts , almondsand some cream cheese. There is a creaminess to the rum and a nice mixture of double cream and subtle spices. Underneath this is a slighty sour sweet note which is a little vegetal. Quite a lot of sugar cane going on here.

Further nosing doesn’t reveal a great deal else it is quite light an very much like an aged cachaca in its profile.

Sipped it is completely different to what I was expecting. The lightness and balance on the nose is definitely lacking! It’s hot and boozy and it has some pretty rough notes to it. It doesn’t strike me as being the greatest piece of distilling ever accomplished.Distillere de Paris Rhum Galabe 97 Rhum Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Further sips are more foregiving but there isn’t all that much going on with this one. It starts off hot and boozy with a slight sweet/sour flavour. The mid palate sees the sweet/sour note disappear and you are left with a very spicy boozy hit of chilli and a little touch of toffee.

Finish wise it is very short with a slightly bitter note. It burns for a little while but there isn’t much flavour.

Bland is the best way to describe this.



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2 comments on “Distillerie de Paris Rhum Galabe 97

  1. Is galabe like panela? A local distiller near me in Portland, Oregon experimented with panela to see if he could make something similar to rhum without having the still in the sugar field. Turned out to be too expensive to be profitable. I bought two bottles and was able to trade one for an AD Rattray Caroni.

    • I think it might be. I didn’t go too far into it when I did this review.

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