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Old Amazon No1. Tonka Bean Infused Rum

Old Amazon No1. Tonka Bean Infused Rum Review by the fat rum pirateOld Amazon No1. is the brainchild of Olly Simpson who is behind along with two of his friends Rum Fellows Ltd.  In 2014, Olly tested his rum infusions on unsuspecting friends at a BBQ.  Inspired by their positive reaction he set about Rum Fellows first creation…..

I’m always interested (often sceptical) in new rums and this Rum Infusion sparked my interest immediately.  Being a British rum did nothing to sway my enthusiasm. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

5 Spiced Rums You Should Try

imageSpiced Rum comes in for a lot of flak.  It is widely viewed as a cheap party drink and in the US it is widely seen as a Frat House mixer.  Drank with the sole purpose of getting very drunk, very quickly.

Here in the UK many peoples views on Spiced Rum have been clouded by Morgan’s Spiced Gold and Sailor Jerry.  In the late 00’s Sailor Jerry and Cola was actually the “in” drink for a short period.  For reasons which have never been fully explained the Sailor Jerry boom in the UK was cut short, not by changing trends but by the actual producers of the rum. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bristol Black Spiced Rum

Bristol Spiced Rum review by the fat rum pirateBristol Classic Rum are a wonderful little bottling and ageing experiment, overseen by drinks legend John Barrett.  They produce some of the rum worlds most interesting independent bottlings and they price them competitively and sensibly, so most can access their wares.

I did contact John Barrett regarding this rum but unfortunately he is a very busy man and to date hasn’t got back to me.  I’ll send him a copy of this review when I’m finished and see if I get a response.  I appreciate that people are very busy so I’m always very grateful and appreciative when people do respond to my queries. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bacardi Carta Fuego

Bacardi Carta Fuego rum review by the fat rum pirateBacardi Carta Fuego – Red Spiced Rum to give it it’s full moniker.  In 2011 Bacardi moved away from creating weird and wonderful Flavoured Rums and introduced their competitor in the Spiced Rum market – Bacardi Oakheart.

If things had went to plan then we would all be at least familiar with, if not drinking an Oak And Coke.  As many of you will be puzzled by this, its safe to say that things didn’t go quite as planned for Bacardi as Oakheart failed to make a major dent in Captain Morgan’s Musket and The Kraken seem to have the Dark end of the Spiced rum market all sewn up.  That’s not to mention Sailor Jerry and the numerous copy-cats which have sprung up in the wake of the success of the now deceased Tattoo Artist at the tail end of the “noughties” (00’s). Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Dark Matter Spiced Rum review by the fat rum pirateDark Matter: Inspired by Science, Driven by Curiosty.  Is the tagline for this newly released Spiced Rum which hails from the less than Caribbean like island of Great Britain.  More precisely from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Yes that hotbed of rum production.  Dark Matter Distillery is actually the first rum producing distillery in Scotland.  When you consider how many distilleries there are in Scotland, over 100 it is perhaps (or perhaps not when you consider most if not all produce Whisky) surprising that none produce Rum.  Or at least they didn’t, until a few weeks ago……. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bacardi Oakheart

image In 2011 after numerous “flavoured” expressions and a couple of rum “liqueurs” Bacardi finally released a Spiced rum to the market.  Except at only 35% they aren’t legally allowed to market it as a Spiced rum so it becomes a Smooth and Spiced Spirit Drink.

Oakheart takes its name from the charred white oak barrels that the rum, sorry spirit drink is housed in.  The rums contained within the blend are aged between 1-3 years.  Bacardi were hoping upon its release that the tagline “Oak and Coke” would be heard in bars all over the world.  I don’t think that has quite worked. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Pusser’s Rum Spiced

Pussers Spiced Rum Navy Demerara Guyana ReviewPusser’s Spiced is probably the quickest rum purchase I have ever made.  I heard about Pusser’s updating their line of rum earlier this year and in the press release it was noted that a “Spiced” variant was in the offing.  I had waited patiently for the Spiced to go on sale and as soon as I saw it available, on Drinks Direct it was in the basket, ordered and paid with Paypal within 2 minutes! (along with the new 40% Blue Label). Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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