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Pussers Spiced Rum Navy Demerara Guyana ReviewPusser’s Spiced is probably the quickest rum purchase I have ever made.  I heard about Pusser’s updating their line of rum earlier this year and in the press release it was noted that a “Spiced” variant was in the offing.  I had waited patiently for the Spiced to go on sale and as soon as I saw it available, on Drinks Direct it was in the basket, ordered and paid with Paypal within 2 minutes! (along with the new 40% Blue Label).

I’m not a huge fan of Spiced Rum, but I am a huge fan of the Original 54.5% Blue Label Pusser’s.  There is simply not a Navy Rum out there that can touch it.  Pusser’s Blue Label is such a unique rum that I just had to find out what they could possibly do with the Spiced variant.  The Blue Label was after all plenty spicy!

Pusser’s Spiced is presented in the classic Pussers bottle, the Blue and Red Label on the neck of the bottle had been reversed and the main label is as you can see Red and Gold.  The Flag has also been simplified.  The Spiced makes no reference to the Admiralty (this is not an old Navy recipe).  The bottle is classic if slightly retro/kitsch and the closure is a nice plastic cork.  Pusser’s Spiced is presented in a 70cl bottle and it retails at around the £20 mark.  The rear label states “Pusser’s Spiced is the perfect blend of rum and all natural, locally sourced spices. Enjoy its distinctly smooth flavour neat or in a deliciously refreshing cocktail.  What a bloody good idea!

In the glass the rum is a lovely amber colour.  It is slightly lighter than the Blue Label.  The nose is interesting. Ginger and cinnamon with zesty oranges and a little hint of black pepper and caramel.  It reminds me a little of the regular Pussers and Pyrat XO.  Despite being only 35% it still smells very spirity/boozy.

Pusser’s Spiced is almost 20% less ABV than the Original Blue Label (soon to be Gunpowder Proof) so it is of little surprise that the Spiced is much smoother.  I don’t know what the make up of the rum in the blend is (please feel free to comment if you know) but I don’t feel I am getting much of the Jamaican or Demeraran notes you get in the standard Pussers.  I have read that this, like the 15 Year Old previously, isn’t simply a variant of the original Pussers it is a different rum base.

The Spiced is extremely easy to drink.  I am relived to say that there is no trace of any vanilla in the mix.  The Spiced, when taken neat is spicy and zesty.  It tastes predominantly of Steeped Ginger and Orange/Marmalade.  There is cinnamon and a little white pepper and heat to the finish.  It is very more-ish the citrusy notes leave you with a thirst.  The finish is long and satisfying (if you don’t immediately top up your glass).

So, I have tried the rum as suggested by Pusser’s – neat, now time for their other suggestion in a refreshing cocktail.  I think I really should begin with a Painkiller!  For those who aren’t familiar a Painkiller is as followsPussers Painkiller Rum Review Demerara

50ml/2oz Pusser’s Rum (It must be Pusser’s as it’s trademarked!)

4 parts Pineapple juice

1 part Orange Juice

1 part Coconut Cream (I used Coconut milk)

Garnish/top with fresh Nutmeg

As you can see from the lumps of Coconut Milk I probably should have blended the mix a little more.  Still I’ve never claimed to be an expert cocktail maker!  It tastes good that’s the main thing!

To be honest due to the Orangeyness of the Spiced and the Ginger/Cinnamon notes, I felt that the Spiced got a little lost in this cocktail.  It was a bit like mixing Pyrat XO with orangeade.  The Painkiller with the Blue Label Pussers is a winner all the way as the rum really shines through.  With the Spiced, the rum just blended in with the juices and nutmeg.  Still enjoyable but it could have as easily been vodka in the mix.

Pussers Spiced Rum Review Demerara GuyanaStill I will endeavour with the cocktail making.  Next up was a simple drink over ice with some cloudy Apple Juice.  Pusser’s Spiced was certainly noticeable in this drink.  The Spiced gave the Apple Juice a huge spicy kick and this drink really did work.  Very pleasant.

So up to now I think I have established that Pussers Spiced is a very pleasant, easy drinking sipper, however it is a rum so distinct in flavour (Ginger and Orange) that it cannot be used in just any cocktail.  Particularly those which already have spicy or citrusy tones.  This of course leaves my good friend Mr Cola.

No matter what rum I review it is always tested up against a dose of cola.  Sometimes these are liberal amounts, other times less so.  I have found that some rums can with stand a lot of cola others less so. Some really shouldn’t have cola anywhere near them!    Now Spiced Rum’s are famous for being mixed with cola so surely the Pussers Spiced works well?

Of course.  It’s great with cola.  The Ginger and spiciness comes through as does the zest and orange peel.  Despite its ginger and orange notes it is still like a rum.  In some ways it is still like a Pussers.  The spiced still tastes pure and clear.

If you know someone who loves Morgan’s Spiced, Bacardi Oakheart or Sailor Jerry – don’t buy them this.  The complete lack of vanilla and the complex flavours held within the rum are unlikely to be appreciated.  I find it strange to be being “snobbish” about a Spiced Rum but this is much more in keeping with Foursquare or Chairmans’ Reserve’s spiced offerings.

I can’t really compare this to another rum other than Pussers Blue Label.  Both rums are completely unique.  If I had tasted this blind I think I would have immediately thought it was a Pusser’s even though it doesn’t really have much in common with the Blue Label.  I think its the pureness of the spirit.  I personally do not like whiskey but the naturalness of this Spiced rum reminds me of whiskey.  There is a lot of sweetness, spiciness and rummy-ness to Pussers but unlike many rums it all tastes so natural not confected.

Pusser’s Spiced overs a unique sipping and mixing experience.  Forget the misconceptions about Spiced Rum.  This is how it can be when it is done with care. by experts!

4 stars






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2 comments on “Pusser’s Rum Spiced

  1. Just a quick note re: the above. I think “Coconut Cream” in recipe above is what those in the USA call what we would call coconut milk (the Pusser’s website seems aimed at the US market). So you were right to use tinned coconut milk. I’ve got a cocktail book which uses both US and UK terminology alongside each other. Anyway, the Pusser’s spiced sounds worth a try as I’m also not a fan of the overly sweet vanilla-flavoured spiced rums (the best one I’ve had was Foursquare which was a gift from someone who’d been to Barbados).

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