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Dillon Rhum Blanc Agricole Rum review Rhum Agricole by the fat rum pirateDillon Rhum Blanc Agricole. Dillon are a producer of Rhum Agricole from the island of Martinique. They produce Blanc (White) and aged Agricole rhum, alongside Sugar Syrups and pre-mixed Rum Punches.

Dillon can trace its history all the way back to 1690 to the original site of the distillery in Fort de France. It was set up by Arthur Dillon, a US soldier. Apparently, he married a well off widow and used her funds to help him purchase the estate. Originally it produced sugar but in the 19th century began producing rum.

The original sugar mill and plant was wiped out in the 1902 volcanic eruption. In 1928  a new distillery became operational. In 1967 Bordeaux Bardinet (now Bardinet / La Martiniquaise Group) took over. The mill was closed and the Creole Column Still was moved to Depaz. As a result Dillon no longer distill their own rum on site. The facility at Dillon is now very much an ageing site.The creole single column still is used solely to make Dillon rums. So they are still very much a distinct producer – even if arguably they aren’t 100% producing it themselves

Dillon being from Martinique can opt to use the AOC marque on their bottlings – this means the rum has been produced in a very specific way. More information can be found here.

As with most Agricole Rhum, other than perhaps Clement and Rhum JM – distribution in the UK can be a bit sketchy. You probably couldn’t just go shopping on the Internet today and pick up all the range of Dillon rums. Not from UK online stores anyway.

I picked this 1 litre bottle of Dillon Rhum Blanc Agricole at Charles de Gaulle Airport. I think I paid around 25 Euros for a 1 litre bottle. This Blanc rum is bottled at 55% ABV. The sheer choice of White Agriicole rhum in French supermarkets is quite staggering – as is the low prices. The French really like their Ti Punch’s it would seem. The agricole producers are not afraid either to recommend mixing their younger white agricole rhums. If I were living in France I would perhaps be able to focus a little more on the price of the various Blanc Agricole’s and I could perhaps recommend a little more based on that. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury.

There is no age statement attached to this rum. This is one of 3 Rhum Blanc’s in Dillon’s range. The others are bottled at 43% and 50% ABV respectively.Dillon Rhum Agricole Blanc rum review by the fat rum pirate

Presentation wise the colour scheme is a bit wacky but its pretty “standard” for a White Agricole rhum. It has the usual plantation photo and the distillery name etc – a recipe for Ti Punch on  the rear label. It’s a “normal” tall bar bottle with a bright red metal screw cap. It does the job but probably won’t appeal to anyone wanting something more “premium”.

I knew what I would be getting with this rhum and having enjoyed Rhum J.M’s 50% Blanc I thought this would likely be a decent purchase and satisfy my growing appreciation of white Agricole and Ti punches.

In the glass you are presented with a crystal clear rum – no surprises there. The nose is full and quite punchy – the 55% ABV certainly makes itself noticed.

Grassy and vegetal it has a slight minty touch to it – spearmint and some hints of pine. There is a touch of sour cream on the nose – nice notes of ginger and all spice.

It’s very much a “classic” Agricole with no funny business or pretension. The old style presentation is apparent in the rhum. It isn’t trying to be anything it’s not.

Sipped it is very vegetal with a slightly savoury note – a degree of nuttiness. It reminds me a little of Kellogs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes for some reason I can’t quite place. It’s certainly not as sweet but it does have honeyed element to the grassiness.

It’s a nice palate cleanser rather than a sophisticated sipper. It’s full flavoured but not overly complex.

Dillon Rhum Blanc Agricole Rum review Rhum Agricole by the fat rum pirateMixing this – as advised by the rear label it makes a cracking Ti Punch and its so strong and punchy you can even mix it with the likes of Ginger Beer and Cola. Even at 55% ABV is never feels too boozy – its just a very tasty full flavoured grassy Agricole Rhum.

In France you find rums like this available in boxes – like you find with wine in the UK. Cheaper white Rhum Agricole is very popular in France and freely and very cheaply available in most supermarkets.

If you are travelling to France then I would strongly recommend you bring back some of the younger (less fancy looking) white Agricole rhums.

You will not be disappointed.







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  1. I grabbed a 43% Dillon when in Paris last. Was like €13 ?

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