Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro

Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro.

Hailing from the Serra do Cadeado House of Cachaca in Ortigueira, Parana State. Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is produced under the guidance of Master Blender Armando Del Bianco.

Oritgueira is known as the Capital of Honey in Brasil as it is the countries largest exporter of the bee’s sweet nectar. Cacbaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is produced in an ecological and sustainable environment. Everything used in the production of the Cachaca is recycled or reused. Sugar Cane Bagasse is recycled in various ways and vinasse, after being treated and mixed with manure, is used as fertiliser for the various crops on the plantation.

Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is as you might expect, distilled in Copper Pot Stills. It is then aged in carefully selected Amburana casks for 8 months. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

A 700ml bottle retails at around R$95 in Brasil which works out around £18 – so expect to pay around £30-35 a bottle should this reach the UK.

In the glass Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is a light golden brown to straw colour. The nose is quite “soapy” and there is a lot of vanilla. It is quite a creamy Cachaca – think unsweetened Double Cream.

There is a slight pepperyness on the nose with notes of ginger and a tiny hint of aniseed. It’s quite light but reasonably complex and inviting.

Sipped this is a very creamy and soapy Cachaca. The Amburana wood really makes a big difference to the Cachaca even after just 8 months. Cachaca aged in Amburana casks is very different to molasses based rum or even Agricole Rhums.

There are times when people question why Cachaca has its own identity instead of being “Brasillian Rum” – this would help explain why.

On the sip Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro is initially quite spicy with big notes of ginger and cinnamon. This develops into rich vanilla ice cream and a big hit of what I can only describe as slightly soapy double cream.Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

Which doesn’t sound all that appealing but I find that this Cachaca is very more-ish. The finish and mid palate are clean and very refreshing. It’s quite sweet but it has a very nicy peppery note which adds a bit more complexity. There is a honey like note which runs through this Cachaca adding a good balance of sweetness to the mix.

It’s very easy going and easy to drink – it sips remarkably well and it mixed really nicely in a range of drinks. As well as this Ouro Cachaca the brand also produce other aged Cachaca’s and some pre-mixed cocktail style bottlings. It will be interesting

It might not appeal to everyone but I really enjoy this style of Cachaca.




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3 comments on “Cachaca Alambique Brasil Ouro

  1. Vocês não vendem pra fora do país como pro USA

  2. you just described incredibly all the notes of a amburana wood.

    just to note… ageing in this wood is quite the “opposite” of oaks: it must be aged for short time, otherwise you can easily get an extremely sweet flavour that makes you feel sick. I tried this Alambique Brasil a while ago and I didn’t know it was aged for only 8 months. It is indeed very deep and sweet in taste.

    I usually drink amburanas aged from 1 to 2 years.

    for drinking pure, I usually prefer those citric cachacas. The acidity will balance with the extreme sweetness of amburana.

    but for cocktails… those extremely sweet are better: it will make the lemmons in Caipirinha feel very nice, and you barely need to add sugar to it.

    I myself invented a drink with amburana based in Kamikaze (triple sec, lemon juice and vodca). If you mix amburana with Apperol (orange based bitter), you kinda get an “orange liquour” triple sec. I usually do this kind of mix in order to substitue triple secs in my cocktails.

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