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J Gow Hidden Depths Vol 1

J. Gow Hidden Depths Vol. 1 Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJ Gow Hidden Depths Vol 1. Another trip to bonny Scotland. Well one of the Scottish Isles anyway. Here we are with some more Orkney Haggis Juice following on from last years Fading Light release from VS Distillers.

This is the first 3 Year Old Aged Rum to come out of Scotland. As you will be able to see from the images Collin Van Schayk, owner of VS Distillers has provided a lot of information about the actual rum in the bottle. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

J. Gow Fading Light

J Gow Fading Light Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJ. Gow Fading Light  Something is happening up in Scotland – besides the casual attitude towards cardiac arrest and the terrible football. Over the past 2 to 3 years a number of rum brands and distilleries have burst out of that part of the world. Think Dark Matter, Sugar House and Wester. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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