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J Gow Culverin Rum Review by the fat rum pirateJ Gow Culverin. Regular readers of this website should already beware of the J Gow Rum Distillery from Lamb Holm in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

I’ve not reviewed any of their rums for a while. In all honesty I’ve not reviewed any rums for a while. Which is something I am looking to correct now I am finding a little more time to get some reviews out.

A Culverin was a two tonne cannon adapted for use on the sea during the 16th century. It could fire up to 8kg round shot to distances of over 1 kilometre.

It has been noted by Collin Van Schayk (the distilleries owner) that J Gow Culverin is named because ” like the Culverin this rum has a long range and packs a punch.”

So how exactly does J Gow Culverin do this? Well lets look at the information relating to this bottle which is provided on the company website.

J. Gow Culverin is unaged Pure Single Rum – rum with no additives from a single distillery. It is J Gow’s own TC (Triple Cut) marque. The TC marque is fermented to 9% ABV over 5 days, it is then distilled to 85% in a single pass on J Gow’s 2000L pot still with rectification column. It is then slowly diluted down to drinking strength.

J Gow Culverin is bottled at 50% ABV and is non-chill filtered. If you want any clarification on the above technical distilling details – ask Collin I haven’t got a clue about this type of carry on…………

You can pick up J Gow Culverin from numerous retailers such as The Whisky Exchange etc or direct from J Gow. It retails at around the £35 mark. Which might seem pricy for an unaged rum. However, you need to consider this is small batch pot still rum at a hefty 50% ABV.

J Gow Culverin Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

So lets move along and get some tasting done. In the glass J Gow Culverin is, as expected entirely clear. You may find the odd flavour particle or haziness in the bottle due to it being un-chill filtered but there is nothing of note beyond a neutral white spirit in my glass.

The nose is quite surprising. It’s quite creamy and not as aggressive as I was expecting. Single Cream and Custard Cream’s (English biscuits) There’s a grassy aroma to it and a zestiness. Light notes of lemon and some freshly cut grass.

There is a black pepper like note as well coming in as well as some green apple and a hint of cinnamon. There is a slight sourness overall as well.

So its pretty complex on the nose and very interesting to sit and nose.

Sipped neat the rum is quite fiery initially with a slightly metallic hit to it and a fair amount of bitterness. It’s sharp and leaves a lot of flavour behind on the palate. There’s slightly mineral like quality to it.

It doesn’t carry the same level of sweetness and creaminess the nose suggested. You can certainly taste the 50% ABV and its pretty “fizzy” on the tongue.

Further sips reveal a little more of the green apple and lemon/lime like notes. It’s not a bad little sipper – just as long as you recognise its an unaged white rum you are sipping on!

In fairness it is recognised as being more of a quality mixing rum than an out and out sipper by the distillery itself but I can happily enjoy a glass or three of this neat. No problem.

J Gow Culverin Rum Review by the fat rum pirateIt is in the mixing department where you likely will get the most joy out of J Gow Culverin though. A combination of the higher ABV (than most standard white rums) and a more interesting flavour profile makes it really stand out in mixed drinks. Simple things such as a Rum and coke/lemonade are really good with this rum. The slightly sour notes work nicely alongside the sweeter green apple and citrus notes to give you a really enjoyable and very punchy long drink.

A Daiquiri is also really good with this rum and something which comes highly recommended.

This showcases the variety available in White Rum and this is certainly a good bang for your buck in the current climate. Well worth seeking out and so much better than most “white rums” out there.








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