Arnisser No7 Jamaica Rum Worthy Park 2010

Arnisser No7 Jamaica Rum Worthy Park Review by the Fat Rum PirateArnisser No7 Jamaica Rum is an independently bottled rum from Worthy Park Distillery.  Arnisser hails from Germany (I think) and they have their own website.

They have bottled a number of rums as well as their own Gin and Brandy.  They bottle their rum in 200ml and 500ml bottles.  This 6 Year Old rum from Worthy Park was distilled in 2010.  Retail price for a 500ml bottle is 26 euros.  Which is very competitive.  I like the idea of the 200ml bottles as well.  That is a good amount of rum to try and the price is also very keen.

Arnisser’s rums come housed in a stubby bottle with a synthetic cork closure.  Information on this rum is fairly limited.  It is a Pot Still distillate from the Worthy Park Estate.  It has been bottled at what I assumed to be Cask Strength of 65.4% ABV.

I don’t know much else about Arnisser nor is any information forthcoming on the internet.  So this review may well be pretty short as I am already at the stage where I begin my tasting notes!

In the glass the rum is a gold colour with flashes of orange and red.  It is a touch on the “murky” side so it may not have been chill filtered or only lightly filtered.

The nose is familiar and reassuring.  The quality of the rum coming from Worthy Park since its re-release is up there with the best currently out there.  There is quite a lot of alcohol on the nose with this one – its the highest proof Worthy Park I have had to date.

Beneath the alcohol are some lovely toffee notes, some banana and a touch of hazlenuts.  It’s a rich and full nose.  Some nice mocha notes and some nice warming oak.

The strong alcohol on the nose shows its youth but it seems to have developed a lot of complexity in its 6 years of ageing.  As you can see from the photo Arnisser have their own ageing facility which seems to double up as a shop.

When sipped the rum is very intense.  Its really quite heavy and rich in terms of flavour.  It reminds me a little of Foursquare 2013 in terms of intensity.

It is intense in both flavour and alcohol.  It’s a very boozy rum.

Which is not a problem because at 65.4% ABV you have a lot of room to maneuver should you wish to add some water.  And I suspect you will.

The rum is not quite as sweet as the nose suggested.  Some of the more chocolatey notes are lost a little.  You get quite a lot of smokiness and oak with this rum.  It has a lovely balance though despite its youth.  It has some really good complex flavours going on.  Nice notes of leather and a hint of tobacco, sweetness is provided by way of a nice warming caramel.  It has a really nice warming finish which is not too overpowering but lingers long enough for you to savour each sip.

The rum is quite spicy and especially at full proof quite dry.  Don’t see these as criticisms though – they add to the complexity and depth of this rum.

I’m a big fan of Worthy Park’s rum.  As they produce 100% Pot Still rum they do not bother with any additives you are always getting a solid, honest and well crafted rum. Proper rum as I call it.

This is really good stuff and makes a mockery of its price tag! I’ll certainly be looking at Arnisser in the future.

Apologies for the relatively brief review but this is fantastic stuff.  Highly recommended.






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