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Foursquare Rum Distillery Triptych Rum Review by the fat rum piratFoursquare Rum Distillery Triptych.  Another collaboration between Velier and Foursquare.  Definitely not an independent bottling.  Don’t let Richard hear you saying otherwise!

Released in the guise of a “regular” Velier bottling rather than the Habitation Velier label, this is a follow up if you like to last years Foursquare 2006.

Following the success and controversy of last years release Richard and Luca decided to double the quantity of available bottles for the Triptych release. 5,400 bottles of this rum are commerically available worldwide compared to 2,700 of the Foursquare 2006.

Richard and Luca have been very strict with distribution this time and have also allowed enthusiasts to subscribe for bottles which have been hand delivered or posted when they have entered the enthusiasts territory.  I was lucky enough to get a bottle mailed to me whilst Christian Seale was in London.

It is clear that more bottles of this rum have landed in the hands of genuine rum fans rather than speculators (those of whom are often more interested in Whisky and are seasoned at “flipping” bottles.  A practice whereby you buy the bottle at retail price and quickly sell it at profit on an auction site.

Retailing at 129 Euros (say £110 for arguments sake) the 70cl bottle has an ABV of 56% and is noted as being barrel proof on the label.  It was bottled in November 2016 and comprises a blend of three Single Blended rums.  A blend of a blend if you like.

The three rums in the blend were aged in ex-Bourbon, ex-Maderia and Virgin Oak.  My mate Steven James over at Rum Diaries Blog has a lot of information direct from Richard Seale on his review.  It seems easier to link you there to the details rather than re-create the same content.

Each of the rums in this blend are a  different age and have been aged in different barrels.Foursquare Rum Distillery Triptych Velier rum review by the fat rum pirate

2004 ex-Bourbon, 2005 ex-Madeira and 2007 Virgin Oak.  Triptych was bottled in November 2016 at Barrel Proof of 56%.  As you can see from the photographs this release uses the Velier template rather than the Exceptional Casks one.  It adds an extra touch of class.It appears that Foursquares default Velier colour scheme is Red, White and Black.  As with all velier releases you get a real cork stopper on the opaque 3/4 bottle.

It’s all very classy but can Triptych live up to its older brother the Foursquare 2006?  Lets find out.

Triptych is a very bright, very orange looking rum.  It is not as dark as you might expect but its a very attractive and welcoming colour.  Vibrant.

The nose is very intense.  Rich but with a lot of young wood making its presence felt.  Shoe polish and varnish fumes alongside the more traditional Foursquare spiciness.  There is note of something a little salty, a touch of black olives.

I’m getting a nose of something I haven’t noted before with Foursquare.  I suspect it might be the virgin oak which is giving it new wooden furniture note.  I am not 100% sure if I was given Triptych blind if I would recognise it immediately as a Foursquare. product.  Having said that I’m not sure where I would guess it was from.

Further nosing reveals notes similar to the 2004 Foursquare.  I’m getting more the ex-Bourbon casks and all the vanilla and spices that go with that.  There is also a mustyness to the rum.  Not unpleasant but something which reminds me of a bottle of red wine left overnight.  There are notes of tobaaco, pipe smoke perhaps and a touch of balsam wood.

There is a lot going on with this and you can enjoy nosing it for hours. Well you could but I wouldn’t as I’d rather spend the time drinking it.

Foursquare Rum Distillery Triptych Velier rum review by the fat rum pirateAnd what a joy that is.  Even without a little water Triptych makes for a great sip.  It’s a very bold, very spicy rum.  The Madeira cask blend certainly shows its teeth when you get into the sipping.  It’s as rich and intense as Criterion and Foursquare 2006.  There is a lot of big fruity red wine notes.  Plums, cherries and juicy red apples.

There is also a really good balance of the oak and the spiciness.  You get quite a lot of lemon zest and a whole host of tongue tingling spices on the finish.  Which is a long and very satisfying experience. The finish is smokey and its not as dry as I expected.  It retains a lot of the the fruit notes all through the sipping experience.

As good as Triptych is (and its very good) it is still pretty challenging.  It’s a good few dials up from the likes of the Zinfandel or Port Cask rum.  A lot heavier than both of those.  It’s a lot more “menacing” that say Rum Sixty Six or Doorly’s XO.

I’ve actually enjoyed Triptych more over time.  When I tried Criterion I instantly fell in love with it.  With Triptych there was a slight adjustment.  I think the Virgin oak part of the blend have taken a little time for me to adjust to.

Still I’m pleased I adjusted and I’m very happy I was able to snag a bottle of this.  I’ll certainly try and get another one.




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