Threeways Rum – First Release

Threeways Rum - First Release rum review by the fat rum pirateThreeways Rum – First Release. Who knows, maybe there will be three releases of this? Or three different rums released perhaps?

I’m just messing, the team behind this particular rum have given me a host of information on the rum and the ethos behind it.

Threeways Rum has been released by Sham Mahabir and Paolo Molinari, who are behind the Limin’ Beach Club based in Canary Wharf, London.

Obviously, it is a very difficult time for the Hospitality Industry in the UK. Lockdown restrictions mean innovative solutions are required to drive some trade to the industry. As a result Limin’ have introduced a Nationwide delivery service of their cocktails and tradtional Trini food. The menu is expanding and the service is proving very popular and is gettting some great reviews!

So if you in the mood for some Curry Goat or Trini Doubles you might want to consider giving Limin’ a try.

Anyway back to the rum. Threeways Rum is a blend of rums. It is made up of rum widely accepted to fall into the following categories – French Style (Cane Juice Rhum), English Style (Pot/Column Blend from ex-English Empire Colonies) and Spanish Style (Multi Column Rum).

The exact “categorisation” and how we should refer to these rums is up for debate but I will share with you as much information as I am permitted. Due to the wishes of the distilleries involved they cannot be named. I think a few can be guessed easily enough, however.

35% of the rum in the blend is “English Style” from Jamaica. This in itself is a blend of rums from three separate distilleries. All unaged rums. 100% Pot Still rums.

30% of “English Style” unaged 100% Pot Still from Barbados.

20% Trinidad – Denoted as “Spanish Style” (note this is the makers classification not mine) Aged and charcoal filtered rum from a Multi Column still.

15% Of unaged “French Style” Rhum Agricole from Guadeloupe. Distilled on a Coffey Column still.

I probably could reveal a bit more information about the rums with a few clues but I’ll leave you all to do some guessing………Threeways Rum - First Release rum review by the fat rum pirate

Threeways Rum – First Release is presented in a mediums sized “flask” style bottle. The branding is clear and uncluttered. There are no fairy tales or marketing stores just a quick run down on the contents on the side label.

In the UK a bottle of Threeways Rum – First Release retails at £35 and is available direct via their website. It comes in a 50cl bottle and has an ABV of 46%. So a bit punchier than a lot of white rums around.

Now, making cocktails with various different styles of rum (such as in Mai Tai, for example) is nothing new. However, it seems to becoming a bit “trendier” and people from what I have seen online seem to be increasingly making mixed drinks with a variety of different rums. Rather than just a standard White rum such as Bacardi.

So keeping that in mind it seems Threeways might be offering the amatuer mixologist a bit of a helping in hand in creating such drinks. It certainly works for a lazy bastard like me……….

It also seems that Rum Blends in general seem to be coming back onto the scene a bit more. Especially quality multi island blends which have, had a bit of ropey reputation in recent times.

Anyway lets move on as see how things work when you do them Threeways…..

In the glass, as expected we have crystal clear spirit. The nose is complex with notes of Pineapple Cubes, Banana, Sugar Cane and a slightly herbaceous note. The Jamaican and Agricole r(h)ums compete but do not mask one another. It’s an unusal blend but it works very nicely.

Initially the Barbados and Trini rums seem to be largely redundant but as the rum settles in the glass you begin to notice their subtler more laid back style. Hints of vanilla, citrus and what I can only really describe as something very “crisp” and “clean”.

It’s a very intriguing rum to nose and for a largely unaged blend it is a pretty refreshing little sipper. It’s got a good amount of Jamaican Funk and Grassy Agricole Sugar Cane notes going on but they are kept in check by the lighter Barbados and Trini notes. It deliver a lot of flavour.

Threeways Rum – First Release is initially quite grassy and vegetal on the sip, then you are hit bit some funky notes of Pineapple and Banana. The mid palate however evolves into a lighter style of rum altogether. it becomes much cleaner and paired back on the finish. It evolves into a bit of a palate cleanser by the time the refreshing and subtle finish comes around. There’s a nice hit of vanilla and some citrus notes.

It’s a medium length finish which is remarkably refreshing. Threeways Rum - First Release rum review by the fat rum pirate

Now, I am not a huge mixologist but this is a rum which for me seems to work best in things like Daiquiri’s and Mojito’s. It does a fair job in a Ti Punch but you might want a bit more Agricole flavour. Not that there is anything wrong with it served that way. It’s tasty and full of flavour but some might want it a bit grassier.

The ABV of 46% certainly helps this blend. It’s not a rum and coke type of rum for me. It’s a bit wasted that way. It goes nicely with Tonic or Lemonade though. It’s refreshing but at the same time quite punchy and full of flavour.

This is a very versatile rum which could be a very handy “hack” to save using multiple bottles in a cocktail.

Impressive stuff.




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