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Neptune Rum Spiced Caribbean review by the fat rum pirateNeptune Rum Caribbean Spiced. You’ve likely seen plenty of Neptune Rum over the past few years. They have “won” numerous awards around the world. I’m not really a particularly a big fan of the “Pay to Play” award ceremonies and their associated marketing. That said, if I was launching a rum brand I’d probably enter a few just to see what benefits they might have.

The Original Neptune Rum is a Barbados Rum distilled at Foursquare Rum Distillery. It doesn’t however has ties and connections to the distillery in the way The Real McCoy and the Velier collaborations work. From what I understand the rum is sourced via a third party.

Towards the back end of 2020, I noticed Neptune has released a Spiced Rum. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I do feel that Spiced Rum especially in the UK with brands such as Dead Man’s Fingers is increasingly moving more towards being “Flavoured” Rum rather than authentic Spiced Rum.

A lot of people who label themselves as “rum drinkers” really aren’t drinking these spiced/flavoured rums because they taste like rum. Most drink them for the sugary flavours contained within. I do wish we could do more to keep the categories separate and convince those drinking these flavoured concoctions that they are drinking the spirit equivalent of an alco-pop.

Anyway, upon perusing the bottle of Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced, I noticed that they are talking of this being an “infusion” of spices. I’ve also been advised that no sugar has been added to the product. So the flavours are all coming from the infused spices in the rum. The hydrometer bobbed at 35% ABV so we have around 9g/L of addtives in this. Not much at all for a Spiced Rum.

I’ve not asked about the base rum for this one. I assume it is Barbados Rum – whether it is as aged as the regular Neptune I don’t know. They might just be infusing the same rum or perhaps using a younger product. It’s difficult to tell when it’s a Spiced Rum. Personally I always find it a bit odd when companies use aged rum (sometimes up to 8 years old) in a Spiced Rum. It’s certainly not something I would do!

Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced review by the fat rum pirateNeptune is readily available in the UK from a number of retailers Master of Malt are currently stocking a 70cl bottle for £27.95. You can also order from Neptune directly – they have a few different bottles sizes, branded glassware etc. Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced is bottled at 37.5% ABV.

The rum has been infused with Papya, Damiana (a small shrub), Vanilla and Cinnamon

In the glass Neptune Rum Spiced Caribbean is a gold colour. A typical “Golden” rum colour. The nose is clean with notes of mint and menthol. It’s fresh with an underlying but very gentle soft vanilla note underneath.

Further nosing reveals a very fruity note a bit like Juicy Fruit chewing gum. It’s quite nice with a good whiff of decent rum as well. Sure its a sweet nose but its not overbearing or cloying in anyway.

There aren’t many Spiced Rums I could sit and sip. Due mainly to the cloying vanilla and sugar nature of them. This however reminds me of Foursquare Spiced Rum. I’m not usually much of a fan of vanilla and especially cinnamon but these are dealt with in a more subtle manner with this spiced rum. It’s light and gently spiced.

Unusually, for a Spiced Rum I find it doesn’t work that well with cola. It doesn’t get lost completely but I found it a lot more enjoyable when mixing it with tonic or lemonade. The subtler nature of this Spiced Rum made for a really pleasaNeptune Rum Caribbean Spiced review by the fat rum piratent long drink.

I’ve found this to be a welcome change from Cask Strength rum and more challenging sippers. It’s a change of pace. I know a lot of Rum Afficionados don’t drink Spiced Rum. That is their choice.

I can’t say I buy a lot of it. I do occasionally because I think the review will be popular. At times they can be quite amusing to write about when they are truly awful. Which a lot are!

Thankfully, though this is certainly one of the better more “authentic” Spiced Rums out there.







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