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Tamosi Kanaima Guyana Versailles Still rum review by the fat rum pirateLevy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima. I’m no stranger to Independently bottled Demerara Rum. Which is what this intriguingly named release actually is.

I’ve also reviewed two of Levy Lane Rum Co’s more “regular” (ie not Single Cask) releases. Overall, I’ve been quite impressed with both, so I’m looking forward to this review.

Reading up on “Kanaima” both on Tamosi’s own website and various sources around, it is taken from Caribbean/Guyanese folklore. Kanaimi refers to “the spirit of blood vengeance, when someone dies of suspected foul play”.

Sounds kind of nice doesn’t it? I don’t think there is much point me going into too much detail about it in a rum review. Especially when I’ll only really be re-writing what is already available. So go look at the links and we’ll stick to the liquid in the bottle.

Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima was distilled back in 2004, on the iconic Wooden Single Pot Versailles Still. It was bottled in 2020 at 16 years old. Got to say I much prefer when Independent bottlers refer to the rum they are bottling by the name of the still.

This particular still has been moved from Versailles to Enmore in 1977 and then onto Uitvlugt in 1993 and finally, to what looks to be its final home – Diamond Distillery/Demerara Distillers Limited in 2000.

There is considerable licence there to have referred to it in a number of different ways. Often Independent bottlers try to match the date of distillation with the estate or just refer to where the still was originally housed. Often it might be just noted as Diamond Distillery. I don’t claim to be a historian and I’m easily confused. The name of the still and the date of distillation is fine with me.

Prior to being put into barrels the rum was coloured with caramel. Over the past few years Demerara Distillers have given us various reasons for the sweetness and colour of some of their rums. The El Dorado range has been noted, especially with the higher aged expressions, as containing significant amounts of additives. We’ve heard of barrels being coated with caramel/molasses prior to the ageing process. Such is the level of obfuscation around this, speculation will continue.

Anyway, lets get on with some clearer facts about this particular bottling. Unlike the previous two bottlings in the Tamosi range, this is a Pure Single 100% Pot Still Rum. I’ve been assured that Levy Lane Rum Co have not added anything to the rum and they have been assured that only spirit caramel for colouring was added prior to ageing.

Levy LanLevy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima rum review by the fat rum piratee Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima has been bottled at Cask Strength of 58.9%. The Hydrometer bobs nicely at around 59% ABV. 275 bottles were available on release. You can pick a bottle up for £120 at The Whisky Exchange. I suspect, as this has been out a couple of months (I go as fast as I can) there won’t be too many bottles available.

Presentation wise Tamosi have housed this in a “Velier Style” opaque “wine” bottle with a nice contemporary presentation. It doesn’t look home made or a little old fashioned like a lot of Indie bottlers. It’s sleek and modern. The back label contains some information on the Kanaima.

So I think that covers everything I know about this bottling so I think I’ll pour myself a small glass…….

In the glass it’s dark. Not quite as dark as as I have seen some Versailles rums but its a mahogany dark brown with an orange/reddish hue.

The nose is rich and treacly. Molasses, caramel, dark toffee and some light chilli heat. There’s a nice sprinkling of oak, a touch of vanilla and something which smells a little ermmm…..sooty. Interesting and not at all unpleasant.

Further nosing reveals some raisins, sultanas and some red apple. A bit of green chilli and some dark chocolate.

When sipped Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima is immediately recognisable as a big, juicy, thick, tarry Demerara rum. Liquorice toffee, roasted banana, plump raisins, juicy sultana and slightly savoury caramel/molasses overtones. It has a hit of spices and a subtle note of musty oak. This is wrapped up in a very intense delivery, especially at the full ABV.

The mid palate softens up giving some lighter fruitier notes and some tobacco. A touch of olive and green apple, red apple as well. It’s multi layered and very complex. Although I would imagine that has spent some time in Europe it tastes very much like the Tropically Aged stuff from Velier, that sadly is no longer being issued.Levy Lane Rum Co Tamosi Kanaima rum review by the fat rum pirate

Even at the full ABV of 58.9% I found it highly drinkable and felt no need to add any water. If you like these dark intense looking Versailles still rums for the fruity and molasses flavours then you’ll really enjoy this.

The finish is long and well rounded with tobacco, olives, spicy oak and a coating of caramel, molasses and some red grapes. It fades out with some really nice notes of liquorice as well.

This is a complex full bodied Demerara rum. It’s another winner for the Levy Lane Rum Co and their Tamosi brand.





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