The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum

The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum review by the fat rum pirateThe Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum. The original incarnation of “The Duppy Share” has been around for a number of years. The brand also released a Spiced Rum, a short while back. I’ll get that reviewed soon……..

Now The Duppy Share have decided the time has come for a white rum offering to hit our shelves.

I reviewed the “Original” The Duppy Share, way back in 2015. It has been available in most major retailers and UK supermarket chain Morrison’s for quite some time now. Now, despite being a blend of rum from two of the “hippest” rum distilleries – Foursquare and Worthy Park, it never seems to get talked about much.

I’ve seen many people dismiss it as a heavily adulterated or even a Spiced rum. It is neither! These perceptions seem to based mainly on the brand being stocked in a supermarket and the lively and quite heavily branded presentation. In fairness when it comes to the rum world it is understandable that people are suspicious of “brands” and stories surrounding the brand.

The Duppy Share has a fun vibe to it, so I guess some more snobbier elements of the rum world don’t tend to take the brand too seriously. Which in fairness when it comes to the original The Duppy Share rum is their loss. It’s a solid 8/10 mixer/sipper which retails for well under £30. With juice from Foursquare and Worthy Park, it really is one of the rum worlds bargains.

The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum is currently available at Tesco. It is priced at £19.75, for a 70cl bottle. It is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rum from undisclosed distilleries (or potentially just one distillery) from Jamaica. As this is a proprietory blend I am not party to the exact make up of the juice in the bottle.

Presentation wise the rum comes in the familiar stubby, rounded The Duppy Share bottle complete with chunky cork topper. The colour scheme has been adapted to the colours of the Jamaican Flag so we have a green, black and yellow colour scheme. This can make the bottle a little dificult to read in certain lights.

The presentation is eye catching and it certainly looks a very attractive package for less than £20. The front label looks a little like a 60’s psychedelic record sleeve. (More in keeping with my type of music!). If you go to The Duppy share website, there is a full run down of the imagery etc used on the front label which outlines what it is all about.

The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum, has been released and co-founded alongside BThe Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum review by the fat rum pirateritish (but with Jamaican parents/roots) Hip-Hop/Grime rapper/songwriter and producer Kano. Something which once again might raise suspicion/affect credibility in the upper echelons of Rum Enthusiasts but will probably be of interest to the “youth” of today. I’ll be honest I’d never heard of Kano before. Largely due to the fact his style of music just isn’t my thing. It’s no reflection on his success or popularity!

The “tagline” used in promoting The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum has also been questioned

“The first white rum that’s designed to be drunk neat and in shots, as well as starring in classic white rum cocktails, Duppy White asks us to celebrate life and guarantees nights to remember.”

I’m not sure many white rums have been marketed towards the sipping end of the spectrum but certainly the biggest player globally in white rum – Bacardi certainly introduced a white sipping rum a few years back. Many others brands will also note that their white rum can be sipped as well.

Well I think thats all I have to say regarding this rum so lets get on with the serious (fun?) part. Oh just to confirm much like the Original The Duppy Share – there are no additives in this rum. Just 100% Jamaican goodness……….

In the glass The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum is crystal clear. No sign of any ageing or filtering. So I am assuming that the rum(s) in this blend are unaged or very minimally aged. There are no signs of any interaction with oak barrels……

Not a problem at this price point I wasn’t expecting an aged rum. I don’t think many people would expect a white rum to be aged anyway – would they?

On the nose the rum has a slighty sour grapefruit like note. This works alongside some sweeter sugar cane and mango like notes. There is a spicy chilli/Pimento like notThe Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum review by the fat rum piratee as well which runs right across the sweeter, fruitier notes.

It is not a huge funk bomb of a rum but it does have a lot of fruitiness. Juicy mango, pineapple, sweet pink grapefruit, green apple and some banana. It’s quite light (by Jamaican standards) but it does have a really nice balance to it. The funkier elements are there but they aren’t particularly prominent. I suspect this is quite a low ester blend.

Sipped The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum is initially quite mineral like – quite spicy with a nice hit of chilli heat and a Pimento dram like note. It’s quite clean and refreshing on the palate.

As we move into the mid palate the fruitiness returns. Now I often make notes about certain “fruity” notes I get with rums. I will say that without doubt the grapefruit note on this rum is probably one of the most pronounced and easy to spot flavours I have ever encountered. It’s a slightly sweet grapefruit taste initially but it becomes more tart and spicy. Giving way, perhaps to some gooseberry, lime juice and just a touch of blackcurrant.

This is a much more flavourful rum than something you will find in the Supermarket – Wray and Nephew aside. Having spoken with the people behind Duppy White they are trying to offer people drinking Bacardi Superior and “house” Supermarket rum a more flavourful and authentic rum experience. They have also tried to a position this rum at a price point that might encourage these people to give it a try.

As a sipper the finish on this rum isn’t the longest. Overall though at under £20, this doesn’t make a bad glass of rum at all. It’s certainly a lot more rounded (I’m not going to say smoother) than Bacardi Superior or “House” White Supermarket swill. A lot less harsh and has a much more authentic, less chemical (ethanol?) led delivery. It’s a far superior product to be fair (pun intended).

Which in fairness doesn’t sent the benchmark all that high but it isn’t just better than those rums. It is a lot,lot better.

I really like the fruitiness of this rum, coupled with the medium chilli heat it works really nicely in a Rum and Coke. I always enjoy Appleton White (now re-branded as Kingston 62) and this certainly ticks all the boxes that make that rum so good for mixing.The Duppy Share Duppy White Jamaican Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It adds a good level of “rummy-ness” to the drink but also a lot of distinctive fruity flavour.

Where Appleton White is more coconut and banana led this definitely has more citrus notes going on. I can imagine a skilled bartender could do all kinds with this rum. It has such a distinct profile that it is calling out for a signature drink to be made with it.

If you want something to punch you in the face and leave you with a bloody nose then go and get another bottle of Wray and Nephew. If however you want something that’ll give you a little slap around the chops and then a hug. I would advise giving this a try.

I’m off to Tesco for another bottle……..






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