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The Duppy Share Caribbean Rum review by the fat rum pirateThe Duppies are Caribbean spirits who steal Caribbean rum hopping from island to island, keeping the best for themselves.

The Duppy Share is named after this fairy story (or the story was made for the rum I’m not sure).  It’s a twist on the Angel’s Share tale. I was initially pretty disinterested in trying this rum which was released just last year.  I read the press release and gave a little groan.  Rums blended from different sources don’t really grab my attention and I don’t tend to buy my rum based on fairy tales….. However, fair play to the team behind The Duppy Share they have certainly produced a very attractive website.  Their marketing team is also doing something right because the rum is available in a number of premium Department Stores in the UK.

The Duppy Share has a very strong brand identity, which as you can see is carried through from bottle to the website and all of their other marketing online.  For such a small operation they have certainly done very well with their product.  The company are trading as Westbourne Drinks Co so I am expecting some more spirits in the portfolio soon. The team of George Frost, Jessica Swinfen and Rosie Little clearly know a thing or two about rum as well.  The Duppy Share is a mix of 3 year old Jamaican Pot Still rum and a 5 year old Bajan rum.  The rums are sourced from the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica, (who are most famous for their Rum Bar Overproof Rum) and Foursquare distillery supply the 5 year old Bajan. The issue I have with rums blended from differing islands/locations is that they often The Duppy Share rum review by the fat rum piratetend to be cheaper blends.  Often they are to be found on Supermarket shelves.  Pusser’s aside I cannot think of many “blended” rums that I would rate as classics.

The Duppy Share is available in the UK at around the £25-30 mark.  The uniquely shaped bottle is 70cl and the spirit is bottled at 40% ABV. As mentioned already the presentation is really top notch and the beautiful rounded stubby bottle really stands out on the shelf.  It is “trendy” and whilst many may bemoan this it is a new rum so it has every right to look modern.  The label also gives the tale regarding the Duppies.  I like the colourful vibrant packaging and I only hope the liquid contained within has a similar vibrancy.  Lovely plastic topped cork stopper as well.

I finally tried this rum at a friends house mixed with cola.  I have recently been enjoying a good few Jamaican rums and the Jamaican element of this really struck me on my first glass.  The smoothness of the drink also impressed me.  Impressed with the rum I decided to make it part of my next rum consignment.

In the glass The Duppy Share presents itself as a lovely classic golden brown colour.  The nose is rich and fruity.  Classic pungent Jamaican notes such as Banana and Pineapple combine with sweet brown sugar notes.  The nose is sweet but carries just enough of the Jamaican “funk” to make it interesting.  The Bajan rum in the blend seems to be lost in the mix.  However, I don’t think the Bajan rum is in the blend to be the predominant nose and flavour. What the blenders at The Duppy Share have grasped is that good rum does not have to be aged excessively.

The website gives obvious clues that they see this rum as a high quality mixing rum, rather than a sipper.  However, they have deliberately chosen a 5 year old Bajan rum to mute the younger Jamaican rum and smooth out the rums profile. The Duppy Share rum review by the fat rum pirateThe rum can be sipped and is very pleasant that way.  In many ways it reminds me of the carefully blended rums from the Appleton Estate.  The 8 Year Old Reserve in particular.  The Jamaican rum provides the flavour and the Bajan provides the smoothness to balance out the rough edges of the young Jamaican rum.

It was with Cola that I first enjoyed The Duppy and it is at this stage of the review that this already very good rum moves up another notch.  It’s fantastic.  I’m not hugely bothered about rums being smooth, but this rum is the very epitomy of easy drinking.  It slips down beautifully.  Often this is to the detriment of flavour.  Many producers go for smoothness over all else.  Many reviewers opt for age and smoothness as signs of greatness.  This rum is not aged particularly long but is super smooth.  It is also very tasty! The Bajan rum smooth’s out the drink and adds balance the Jamaican provides big bold rich flavours.

This is a really great mixing rum and evidence yet again that in the £25-30 price range there are a number of fine rums which are as good as any of the Premium and Super Premium rums with price tags north of £50. A real touch of class and a great rum that is blended in the UK.  Well done Westbourne Drinks!  This is great stuff.

4 stars




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