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Habitation Velier Last Ward 2007

Habitation Velier Last Ward 2007 Rum review by the fat rum pirateHabitation Velier Last Ward 2007 is an intriguingly named rum in the popular series of Pure rums from Luca Gargano and co.  Last Ward 2007 represents the Ward family.  Who for over 100 years owned and ran the Mount Gay rum distillery in St Lucy, Barbados.

As with all Habitation Velier releases you get a lot of information on the bottle and the study card sleeve which houses the rum.  Presented in the now distinctive flask style opaque bottles this rum from the Mount Gay Rum Refinery is given a baby blue colour scheme.  Velier usually give individual distilleries/stills a colour scheme which they carry through for all releases.  This was most commonly used in their old Demerara offerings. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Mount Gilboa Triple Distilled Barbados Pot Still Rum

Mount Gilboa Barbados Pot Still Rum Review by the fat rum pirateMount Gilboa is a triple distilled Pot Still rum.  This in itself is fairly unusual, I think.  I’ve heard little about multiple distillation in rum, unlike Vodka for example.  That’s not to say it doesn’t occur just that is rarely mentioned.  Mount Gilboa is a product of Barbados and from the name and product design you could be mistaken into thinking you are getting a cheaper Mount Gay product or a copycat. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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