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Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ

Revolte Rum MTQ 2014 by the fat rum pirateRevolte Rum 2014 MTQ. Revolte is a relatively new rum brand from Germany. I have previously featured their unaged White Rum. With this release Revolte are letting us try an aged offering of their rum.

Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ was distilled in August 2014. It is the first Single Cask rum from Revolte to be released. After a three-year maturing phase in ex Rhum-Agricole barrels from Martinique the MTQ was bottled in September 2017, at cask strength 56% ABV. 377 bottles of this rum are available. An Angel’s Share of 21% overall has been noted. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Revolte Rum – White

Revolte Rum White Review by the fat rum pirateRevolte Rum – White. Revolte Rum are a rum brand from Germany. Germany is perhaps more famous for its Rum Verschnitt and fledgling Independent bottling scene than any notable entries into the Rum Producer ranks.

The brand have already started to make ripples in their native Germany and their rums are available in the UK via Urban Drinks. They currently have four rums/spirits in their line up – this White Rum, an Overproof White Rum, an aged rum and a Falernum. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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