Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ

Revolte Rum MTQ 2014 by the fat rum pirateRevolte Rum 2014 MTQ. Revolte is a relatively new rum brand from Germany. I have previously featured their unaged White Rum. With this release Revolte are letting us try an aged offering of their rum.

Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ was distilled in August 2014. It is the first Single Cask rum from Revolte to be released. After a three-year maturing phase in ex Rhum-Agricole barrels from Martinique the MTQ was bottled in September 2017, at cask strength 56% ABV. 377 bottles of this rum are available. An Angel’s Share of 21% overall has been noted.

It is presented in an angular 3/4 sized bottles. The rum comes in a 500ml size bottle which retails at around €60-65. It’s currently still available from RumundCo and Limited Whisky Investment both are German based sites and I don’t know what their policies are for shipping abroad.

Presentation is modern with the distinctive Revolte logo. Rather than fairy tales on the bottle, Revolte opt instead to give us facts own the side label. Which I have used to help describe the rum earlier. Such information, readily available on the bottles is a god send for rum reviewers. Even the information is in German. Thank you Google translate and my secondary school education in German. A “C Grade! at GCSE level 24 years ago, just about got me through with this one.

Revolte Rum are gaining quite a following in their native Germany and are a producer that do not believe in additives or any kind of funny business. They are producing small batch Pot Still rum from imported molasses. They have recently expanded their range Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ Rum Review by the fat rum pirateto include a Spiced Rum and a Swedish Punsch.

In the glass, Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ is a yellow/light brown colour.

The nose on the rum is equal parts pot still funk and Agricole rhum. Notes of funky burnt banana and pineapple juice, rub alongside more grassy sweet sugar cane notes. Beyond this there is a note of slightly fermented grape juice and some more savoury like notes – a touch of gravy even!

It’s a very interesting and complex nose. These small batch pot still rums from small distillers are really interesting. This is another rum which is quite aggressive and fiery in its delivery. I would imagine “older” rums may have been a little like this. Yeasty and full of flavour. Definitely a rum to put hairs on your chest.

Sipped the rum has a surprisingly sweet and relatively gentle entry. The initial burst of caramel and toffee subsides leaving behind a dry and quite woody taste. You really get the Agricole notes. The ageing in the Martinique rhum barrel has certainly worked with this one.

The rum has a really nice build up of oak spices, lemon zest and some slightly salty notes in the mid palate. This is quite a distinctive and very interesting rum. It has a Jamaican like funk to it but this is tempered by the oak and the slightly dry, grassy Agricole notes from the cask.

Finish wise its pretty long and very fiery. You get quite a lot of white pepper on the finish and a good burst of burnt caramel and oak spices. It’s very long-lasting.Revolte Rum 2014 MTQ Rum Review by the fat rum pirate

This is an intense, complex sip. It’s not a rum I could drink a lot of – maybe two or three glasses. I do like the full flavoured aggressive nature of it though.

Not everyone will appreciate this one. it certainly isn’t the most perfectly balanced rum but if you are exploring more full blooded rums, this might be for you.

It works well mixed as well. Especially with cola and ginger beer. It really stands up to them and delivers a really flavourful mixed drink.

Relatively young but very tasty.



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