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Revolte Rum White Review by the fat rum pirateRevolte Rum – White. Revolte Rum are a rum brand from Germany. Germany is perhaps more famous for its Rum Verschnitt and fledgling Independent bottling scene than any notable entries into the Rum Producer ranks.

The brand have already started to make ripples in their native Germany and their rums are available in the UK via Urban Drinks. They currently have four rums/spirits in their line up – this White Rum, an Overproof White Rum, an aged rum and a Falernum.

Revolte Rum is produced by Felix Kaltenthaler in Westhofen, Germany. It is produced using untreated sugar cane from Papau New Guinea. This is then fermented for 12-13 days using a proprietary yeast strain before being distilled on a hybrid copper pot/column still. It is then aged in Earthenware pots for six months before being bottled.

It is bottled in an angular semi transparent 500ml bottle. The branding of Revolte is clean and modern. They have a website which continues the image of the brand. Bottled at 41.5% ABV a bottle will set you back just under £40 at Urban Drinks.
Revolte Rum is a true small batch production. Each batch yields 500 bottles. My bottle is from batch 19 and is number 85. Revolte are another relatively new rum company who are very keen to press that they do not use additives. They are very proud of this and we fully commend this here at thefatrumpirate.

Unaged or very young white rum has become a bit of a thing over the past couple of years. Velier’s championing of the Clarin’s from Haiti opened the door along with a continued appreciation of high strength White Agricole Rhums and Jamaican Overproof rum.

So what can the German’s bring to the white rum table? Let’s find out.

In the glass Revolte Rum is a crystal clear spirit. The nose is the first indication that this, however is a million miles away from a Bacardi Superior or a similar dry white rum.
It has some grassy notes similar to an agricole. Fresh cut cane and some citrus notes – freshly squeezed lemon a touch of washing up liquid perhaps.
There are some funky notes as well putting it more in the Jamaican Overproof camp. Albeit without the ABV.  Over-ripe bananas and sour pineapple. A touch of Green Olives but muted slightly.Revolte Rum White Review by the fat rum pirate

Some sharp spicy notes also exist an almost chilli powder like hit which moves into a very metallic note. You can really “smell the still” with this – clean, sharp, copper. It’s quite strange but surprisingly pleasant.

The nose is big and you would easily mistake this for a much higher ABV rum. You certainly wouldn’t confuse it for Bacardi Superior. It is not as grassy as a Clairin or a Rhum Agricole or as funky as a Jamaican. The metallic notes make it quite unique though.

Sipped Revolte is very sharp and surprisingly clean. It’s very clinical in its delivery. Black Pepper a little oily, which gives way to a slight hint at Green Olives but with no real briny-ness so to speak. A dried Olive perhaps?

Further sips reveal a really nice peppery spirit. There isn’t any real sweetness to speak of. The vegetal and grassy notes on the nose have dialled back as well. There is a touch of vanilla the more you sip but its quite faint.

The finish isn’t overly long it’s not bad but does fade quite a bit. It’s quite smoky with notes of charcoal and a touch of turmeric.
I’ve actually mixed this quite a bit. It works very well with fruit juices and even cola. As it doesn’t have a lot of sweetness it works surprisingly well and gives you a slightly funky and very spicy drink. You get quite a lot of peppery and spicy notes so it works really well tomato juice in a Bloody Mary.

It might well lose its way a little due to being diluted down to 41.5% ABV. These kind of white rums do tend to work best at a higher ABV. It’s one of those rums that you aren’t to sure about to start with but once you get used to the flavour you really start to enjoy it. I often find the same with White Agricole. They just take time to get used to. If you are going to try Revolte try it as your first drink. It’s not a very good follower especially if it’s a lighter or sweeter rum you’ve had first.

Definitely showing promise and I also have the Overproof variant up for review soon as well.

Watch this space.



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