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Ron Cubay Anejo

Ron Cubay Anejo rum review by the fat rum pirateRon Cubay Anejo is a Cuban rum.  In 1964 Ron Cubay was founded in Santo Domingo, Villa Clara. Ron Cubay rums are produced by Cuba Ron S.A which also produce Havana Club. The Ron Cubay brand was only ever intended for domestic consumption, hence the reason that we are only just seeing it in the UK with it only having a presence in Europe since around 2010. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Don Q Gold

DON Q GOLD rum review by the fat rum pirateDon Q Gold along with Don Q Cristal are the entry level rums from rum producer Serralles.

Don Q hails from Puerto Rico, which is perhaps most famous in the rum world for being where Bacardi defected to at the time of the Cuban Revolution.

Don Q as a brand began in 1934 and yes, it is named after Don Quixote.  This family ran concern has over 150 years of rum making experience, making its first rum sales in 1865.  The Serralles family are currently in their sixth generation of rum making and are headed up by Felix J Serralles Jr.  The family originally arrived in Puerto Rico around 1820 and Juan Sebastian Serralles set up the Hacienda Teresa – a sugar cane plantation. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Bristol Classic Rum Fine Cuban Rum

Bristol Cuban Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCuban Rum has been in the headlines quite a bit lately due to the news of the Cuban/US embargo being at least partially lifted.

Bristol Classic Rum have also been high on the radar in the Rum World due to a number of new expressions hitting the markets in recent months.  Bristol really seem to be expanding into different countries to increase their repetoir of fine rums. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Ron Yacare Anejo

Ron Yacare Review by the fat rum pirateRon Yacare is an Anejo (aged) rum from the Dominican Republic.  It has been difficult to find any information regarding this rum, mainly due to this being predominantly for the Spanish speaking market.

Ron Yacare from the information on the bottle is distributed by Carrefour Supermarket group.  I assume it is available in their stores, which are found mostly in France and Spain.  From web searches they also produce a Honey based Ron Miel and they have a Viejo and Reserva Exclusiva expression as well.  I think that Yacare is more of a brand name and I do not think all of the rums in their range come from the Dominican Republic. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Havana Club Maximo

Havana Club Maximo Rum Review by the fat rum pirateHavana Club Maximo.  Not a rum I ever envisaged reviewing on the site.  Please note the image to the left is taken from the Whisky Exchange blog and is not my photograph.  It is purely for illustrative purposes.

I recently got involved in a Twitter Tasting with Havana Club rum.  As part of this process I was sent 50ml samples of the four more exclusive/expensive rums in the brands portfolio.  Seleccion de Maestros, 15 Year Old, Union and this, the Maximo. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Havana Club Union

HavanaClubUnion2Havana Club Union was the third in a flight of rums I recently had the fortune to try as part of a “Twitter Tasting”.

Four of the more “upmarket” Havana Club expressions were included in the flight.  This rum the Union is the most recent addition to the Havana Club range. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Havana Club 15 Anos

HavanaClub15In 2014 Havana Club updated the presentation of their 15 year old rum.  Along with the update of the former Barrel Proof to Seleccion de Maestros and with a new cigar pairing rum to be released, Havana Club were geared to introducing a new range.

That new range was named the Iconica Collection and comprises of Seleccion de Maestros, Havana 15 Year Anos, Union and Maximo.  All the rums now come in a sleek bottle along the lines of this one. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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