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Ron Cubay Anejo rum review by the fat rum pirateRon Cubay Anejo is a Cuban rum.  In 1964 Ron Cubay was founded in Santo Domingo, Villa Clara. Ron Cubay rums are produced by Cuba Ron S.A which also produce Havana Club. The Ron Cubay brand was only ever intended for domestic consumption, hence the reason that we are only just seeing it in the UK with it only having a presence in Europe since around 2010.

The importers for Ron Cubay in the UK – JBE Imports have set up a website which gives a little background to three Cubay rums they currently import.

As with many “rons” Ron Cubay is a blend of column distilled rums aged up to 7 years.  On many websites this is listed as a 7 year old rum.  Exactly how old the rums in this blend are – I do not know.

Ron Cubay Anejo is bottled at 38%.  I’m not entirely sure – but rums from Cuba and the Dominican Republic are often bottled at this strength.  Economically it makes sense and a bottling strength of 37.5% is often used by cheaper supermarket own brand spirits.  Anyone who has visited Cuba will be aware that rum their by comparison to the UK in particular is dirt cheap. A 70cl bottle will set you back around £23-25 in the UK.  Personally I do not think a differing ABV of 2% makes a great deal of difference.  I know many may disagree with this.

Presentation wise the Anejo comes in a similar bottle to the other two rums in the Cubay portfolio.  It’s a familiar bar style bottle with a slightly retro feel especially on the bottle cap.  It has a metal screw cap of good quality and re-assuringly it has the green Authentic Cuban rum sticker just below the main label on the bottle.  Immediately below that it has Ron Cubano etched on the glass bottle itself.  It’s very typical in presentation terms of a Cuban rum.  It’s all a bit retro.

In the glass Ron Cubay Anejo is a slightly lighter to golden brown.  The nose is Ron Cubay Anejo rum review by the fat rum pirate familiar.  Notes of spicy oak and hints of tobacco, chocolate and an almost honey like sweet note.  The nose is well balanced and doesn’t suffer from any petrol like notes that are evident in the Havana Club rums.  The 7 and Anejo Especial in particular.

Sipped – the rum has a very nice sweet entry – nice soft tropical fruits and berries, a nice hit of milk and dark chocolate notes.  The mid palate and the finish have a nice spicy heat to them.  The finish whilst not particularly big is quite long lasting but slightly muted.  It’s nice and oaky and slowly burns out – there is a little heat maybe some white pepper but it doesn’t have much burn.

Maybe the 38% ABV works in this rum’s favour as a sipper – giving you less burn and more flavour. (When assessing new rums distillers often dilute their rums to around 20% when tasting to get all the flavours and nuances)

Having tried the Reserva Especial and the Carta Blanca I was expecting something good from this rum.  It certainly hasn’t disappointed.  In comparison to Havana Club 7 Anos this rum has less of the tobacco and petrol notes and more fruity notes – nice smooth chocolate, even coffee.  It tastes much more complete and better balanced.  In my opinion it is a lot better.

You can mix this rum but to be honest I doubt you will feel the need.  It really is a lot better as a sipper than I expected.  It would certainly qualify as a bargain sipper.  Mixed in a Cuba Libre it works very well – making a very rich, luxurious and smooth drink.

You can pick up all three Ron Cubay rums for under £90.  All are great additions to any rum collection.

4 stars





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