Ron Bengalo Rum from Barbados

Ron Bengalo Rum from Barbados review by the fat rum pirateRon Bengalo Rum from Barbados. In todays climate most people out there will be hunting for the odd rum bargain. Especially, when it comes to something to use as a casual weekend mixer.

Most supermarket own label Dark and White rum tends to be unaged rum from Trinidad. It’s cheap and nearly every supermarket stocks, it along with a Spiced Rum or a “Spirit Drink”. At a pinch its a go to for a cheap mixer to get a little merry with. You just have to know you’re not getting a great deal for your £10-£15

German retailer Lidl, are looking to buck the trend slightly and have recently introduced the Ron Bengalo range.

These are all island/country specific bottlings. In Germany these rums are known as Ron Pelicano. It is on that website where you will find some information on the various rums they have released. Quite why they have differing names, I am not sure but Diplomatico rum is known as Botucal in Germany. Due to some naming conflict or something with another established brand, so it may be something to do with that.

If you have looked on the Ron Bengalo website you will see that there is very little information regarding the distillate in the bottle. Just a few complimentary notes about Barbados and a footnote suggesting the rum has been blended and aged in ex-bourbon and bordeaux casks. The rum is blended and bottled in Germany for Lidl. Again by whom I do not know exactly. Rob Bengalo Rum from Barbados is bottled at 40% ABV and a 70cl bottle will set you back £17.99.

The bottle is equally as unhelpful information wise and I have briefly tried some internet searches but have not uncovered anything useful. So I am going into this review witRon Bengalo Rum from Barbados review by the fat rum pirateh very little to go on. As a result this review will likely be quite short and I will have to speculate about what I am actually drinking………….

Presentation wise the Ron Bengalo range all com in this plastic wrapped 3/4 stubby style bottles. The colours used relate to the flag or familiar national colours for each island/country. So we have a very striking blue and yellow colour scheme here.

Trust me you can see the Ron Bengalo bottlings on the shelves when you are still in the car park! For a £17.99 rum you get a nice wooden topped synthetic stopper as well. It does overall look a bit gaudy though. The font used is particularly weird as well on the Ron Bengalo part. Reminds me of Halloween.

In the glass Ron Bengalo Rum from Barbados is a rather anemic looking, white wine colour. In some ways this is good in that it hasn’t been artificially coloured. Alas, though it also suggests very little ageing. At £17.99 I wasn’t expecting anything flash and I won’t judge on the colour at this stage. The website did suggest ageing in ex-bourbon and bordeaux casks so I was maybe expecting a bit more colour. Not to worry.

On the nose it smells sweet and pretty much unaged. Theres not any signs of oak or anything that you might expect from an aged rum. It’s very similar to the supermarket Trini rums I mentioned earlier. It is difficult to say which distillery this is from but bearing in mind the metrics needed to supply Lidl I fancy this is from West Indies Rum Distilery (WIRD).

Light vanilla, some toffee and caramel and some “booze”. Little else really on the nose. I’m not getting much more than I would from standard supermarket white rum. The lack of excessive caramel colouring is good though as its not adding that nasty bitter note the supermarket dark rums often have.

Sipped, it’s pretty sharp with a not a great depth of flavour at all. Thin and quite listless. Bit of caramel, vanilla and some hints of spice but its all very short. It quickly fades. There is little to speak of as a mid palate or finish. It’s hot, unaged and reasonably boozy.

Ron Bengalo Rum from Barbados review by the fat rum pirateIts not anything I would advise as a sipper. Again I wasn’t expecting much at this price point. I’m probably more skeptical than most and I do often buy bottles solely for reviews rather than my actual enjoyment. Yes I know that may seem strange…..

Mixed, Ron Bengalo Rum from Barbados does a so-so job but even at £17.99 for a 40% ABV 70cl bottle I doubt I will return to it.

It’s just not noticeably better than any other standard supermarket white rum. Bear in mind, such bottles are available in the same supermarket for around £10. Yes the ABV is slightly lower and I’m not suggesting anyone buy such a rum but it’s certainly better value then this.

I will be trying more Ron Bengalo as they have a very interesting range. But I won’t be repeating this purchase.

I was hoping to get something which would at least compete with Doorly’s 3 or Mount Gay Eclipse. If anyone is looking and thinking they will be getting a quality aged Foursquare product – I think their enthusiasm may turn to suspicion when they pour the first serving……..

Don’t get your hopes up.



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