Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateRon de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years. I first reviewed a rum from Licorera Chihuatan back in 2019. It was a rather underwhelming experience with a 12 year old aged rum.

In all honesty the brand delivered pretty much what I was expecting. So whilst my experience was underwhelming, it was far from surprising.

My review of Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial contains some information regarding the distillery. To avoid regurgitating this information, I will instead concentrate on the story behind this particular Limited Edition Release.

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edtion Aged 15 Years was distilled back in 2007 on a column still. It is not specified whether this a Coffey Style Single Column or a Multi Column still. I suspect its a Multi Column. There are 12,589 bottles available which seems a little random. However as the rum has been bottled at 43.2% ABV it may because they have bottled at (what seems quite low admittedly) Cask or Barrel Strength. When tested with the hydrometer it bobbed at 38.5% suggesting additives of around 20 g/L. Which is now the limit within the EU for a spirit to be called a rum rather than Spirit Based Drink.

It is unclear exactly how the rum has been aged. I have conflicting information suggesting it has been both aged fully in -ex Oloroso Sherry and ex-Cognac casks and/or finished in these casks.

The rum is a nod to the Guardian Gods of the land in Mayan Legend the Aluxes. According to Mayan Legend these gods lived in maize and cacao fields. As at the time these were regarded as the most sacred gifts of the earth. At the start of every harvest the Maya would hold a feast full or chocolate and corn based treats in gratitude to the Aluxes.

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years rum review by the fat rum pirateAs you can see the rum comes in attractive 3/4 bottle with a “style” which is quite typical of Cihuatans usual presentation. It’s pretty bold and striking and along with the sturdy cardboard sleeve it is quite an attractive site on the shelf.

Distribution of Cihuatan Rum is handled in the UK by High Fern and is available directly from them priced at £79 for a 70cl bottle. The way prices are heading this is a fairly competitive price.

In the glass we are presented with a light golden brown liquid with a orange hue throughout.

The nose is light with notes of muscovado sugar, walnuts, pecans and some toffee/caramel. There are very light notes of some kind of oaky spice and vanilla but not really much to get your teeth into.

Further nosing or time in the glass doesn’t reveal much more. It is as expected – light, sweet bordering on the slightly floral and very easy going. Again much like the 12 Solera I reviewed previously from Cihuatan there is a saccharin/candied note running right through this rum.

Sipped Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years is a little spicy but nothing out of the ordinary. There is perhaps a little more burn than I was expecting from the nose. That said its still pretty mellow and easy going.

In initial burst of oak and spices gives way quickly to some bitterness. Unfortunately I’m getting that saccharin like note. Which I really am not a fan of.

The mid palate gives a little tingle on the tongue and you get notes of toffee, pecans and some tobacco smoke.Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan Alux Limited Edition Aged 15 Years rum review by the fat rum pirate

There really isn’t a lot to say about this one. It all just feels a bit underpowered. I think some of the slight edginess the distillate might have had, has given way to the undisclosed additives.

Finish wise it kind of peters out into just a very light tingle of mild spices, vanilla and caramel. All sadly overridden by that bitter saccharin note.

My experience with this particular rum is sadly very similar to my previous Cihuatan review. It’s just incredibly average and unspectacular. Even within this particular lighter style of rum I don’t think it stands out in anyway.





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