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Single Cane Estate Rum Worthy Park Rum review by the fat rum pirateSingle Cane Estate Rums – Worthy Park is actually a Bacardi International Brand. Acting almost like an independent bottler Bacardi, released a couple of rums (this and a Dominican Republic rum) into the Travel Retail market in 2015.

Worthy Park for those who aren’t familiar is a re-born rum distillery from Jamaica.  Forced to close in the nineteen sixties due by the Jamaican government the distillery began operating again in 2005.  A number of Worthy Park rums from 2005 and 2006 have been released onto the Independent market over the past couple of years.

The distillery has also benefited from favourable (and much deserved) reviews of its own “Rum Bar” brand and the general move by many rum enthusiasts towards purer rums. Free of additives and sugar.

When I mentioned that Bacardi were acting “almost” like an independent bottler this is where the difference comes in.  They have “dosed” this rum with some sugar as my hydrometer confirms.  Bacardi had noted how “innovative” these releases were in the original press releases.  Maybe not as much as they think.

This rum retails at around 30 euros which is not bad as the bottle size is 1 litre.  Presentation wise its pretty slick.  As you might expect from such a big brand. Nice broad shouldered medium/stubby bottle with a good solid cardboard sleeve to house it in.

The rum contained in the bottle is aged between 2 and 5 years and like all Worthy Park rum is 100% Pot Distilled.

In the glass the rum presents itself as a slightly dull yet dark brown.  It isn’t particularly vibrant nor does it “glimmer” in anyway.  No red flashes with this one.

On the nose I immediately recognise the spirit as being from the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica.  Despite having some “dosage” (no doubt added by Bacardi) it doesn’t smell overly sweet.  On the nose alone I wouldn’t suspect any additives.

As mentioned already its a very familiar nose if you have experience of Worthy Park’s distillates.  Its quite savoury smelling. There is a little toffee and a saltiness which dominates over the fainter toffee and chocolate aromas.

It’s not a bad nose. Overall “power” wise it is unsurprisingly, much less potent than some of the Cask Strength Independent releases, which I have been enjoying lately.

There is a decent amount of oak and spice on the nose. All in all its nicely balanced and quite inviting.

The first sip is actually a lot more fiery than I was expecting.  It’s quite an oaky rum despite the added sugar.  Pretty spicy – ginger and a little white pepper.

As you sip more you begin to notice the sweeter notes of the rum coming out.  The saltineSingle Cane Estate Rum Worthy Park Rum review by the fat rum piratess on the nose has been replaced with more of a sugary note. The sugar means the rum isn’t as dry and perhaps as defined as it might have been without the addition.  In my opinion though there is perhaps no way of proving this point.  Aside from trying the same distillate prior to the sugar addition.

What it might have gained in terms of a little extra sweetness it has perhaps lost in terms of complexity.  It’s all a little one dimensional. When compared with Independent releases or even the companies own Rum Bar Gold it just isn’t quite as good.  The toffee and caramel notes in Rum Bar Gold have been muted. We’ve kind of went from intense dark chocolate to standard milk chocolate.  Which just isn’t to my personal tastes.  Gourmet Belgian chocolate to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

The finish is reasonably long and quite spicy and enjoyable.  It’s one of the rums better points.

For me this could have been better.  It should have been better.  The mad thing is when Worthy Park gave Bacardi the casks it probably WAS better!  I don’t dislike it but I wouldn’t rush to buy another bottle. There are so many better Worthy Park bottlings around at the moment.

As a mixer it works well but then again at the price it should.  It doesn’t make as good a rum and coke as Rum Bar Gold though. Once again I’d discount it over other Worthy Park rums.

Overall its still good but its the worst Worthy Park product I’ve had.  Which doesn’t make it a bad rum but they set the bar very high.  Stick with the distilleries own releases or the “proper” indies would be my advice.



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6 comments on “Single Cane Estate Rums – Worthy Park

  1. Respect for that one, thanks!

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  3. Excellent Rum regardless of negative reviews . Buy it if you want a silky smooth taste

  4. Single Cane Estate Rums – Worthy Park –

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  5. Hello there. I actually wanted a Worthy Park and the only bottle available was Single Cast one. So I bought it from internet. Unfortunatly when I received it, I opened it right away, and just before taste it, I realized that it wasn’t a Worthy Park, but a Consulo (Rep. Dominica) one ! Damn, now I have 1L of rum that I actually don’t want to probably I’ll have to drink it anyway.
    What I wanted to ask you is, what Worthy Park bottle do you advice me ?
    Thanks and…. cheers !

    • I’d buy the Single Estate Reserve they released themselves

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