Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirateNovo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca. Novo Fogo are a cachaça brand I have been aware of for a while now. They have made a bit of a stir in the US, where the brand was first launched.

Novo Fogo use more modern branding and marketing practices, than many of Brasil’s cachaça producers. The cachaça is marketed in a similar manner to how a Premium Rum brand would market itself. However, they do not go in for fairy stories, like many Premium Rum Brands. The information Novo Fogo provide, is authentic and focuses very much on transparency. You learn a lot about what you are drinking with Novo Fogo.

The brand have recently expanded into Europe and a few of their expressions are now available in certain retailers in the UK. Gerry’s has this particular expression in stock at the moment.

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca, has been aged for 2 years in sanded and toasted American Oak ex-bourbon casks. The distillery which produces Novo Fogo cachaça is located in the town of Morretes, Parana State.It is situated in the Atlantic Rainforest.

The distillery uses modern equipment but everything is done organically and most processes are done by hand. These include the cutting of the sugar cane with a machete. The cachaça is fermented using yeast cultivated from the estates own sugar cane. The “cane wine” as they call it, is then distilled in Copper Pot Stills, each batch produces around 1200 litres of spirit. Of this only around 130 litres – the heart of the distillate is used in the cachaça.

The resulting Cachaca, is then aged in Oak Barrels before being bottled at 40% ABV. Presentation wise, as touched upon already these are very muchNovo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirate ready for the European market. The curved stubby bottles remind of the Appleton Estate style of bottle and the labels give you sufficient information, to tell you exactly what you are buying. A bottle in the UK will set you back around £40, which would be slightly expensive for a 2-year-old rum, perhaps even an Agricole.

Novo Fogo have a number of expressions in their portfolio, an entry-level Silver Cachaca, some partly aged in native Brasilian woods and some Single Barrel expressions. I have a few more Novo Fogo offerings coming up for review shortly, so I won’t give away all their story quite just yet!

In the glass we have a light/golden brown spirit. Nosing Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca, I get a lot of spicy oak spices – ginger and cinnamon and a lot of vanilla from the oak casks.

Further nosing reveals some creamy notes, shortbread and croissants. There is a slightly floral note as well, which adds a bit more depth.

Overall the nose is nicely integrated, well-balanced and very pleasant for a relatively young spirit. It noses like a lot of much older cachaças.

Sipped this is quite a “woody” spirit, the barrel influence has been big on this cachaça. This gives it a very spicy mouthfeel, lots of ginger and all spice. There is also a smoky note, especially on the mid palate. Sweetness is provided by hints of banana and some vanilla custard.

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaca Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThe initial entry is smooth and it builds into a spicy and smoky complex mid palate. It’s not the sweetest of cachaca with very little “grassiness” and no real vegetal notes in it. Unsurprisingly, I find that the Novo Fogo team suggest using this rum in an Old Fashioned Cocktail. This is quite a “bold” cachaça and it stands up surprisingly well in such a drink. A really good recommendation!

This is much better than I was expecting of such a young spirit, the oak barrel has had a real influence and made this a pretty complex sipper. Finish wise, it perhaps isn’t the biggest or longest of finishes. That said it does fade nicely and you do find yourself sipping little and often on this cachaça.

I’m looking forward to trying some more Novo Fogo soon!





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