That Boutique-y Cachaca Company Novo Fogo 3 Year Old

That Boutique-y Cachaca Company Novo Fogo 3 Year Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThat Boutique-y Cachaca Company Novo Fogo 3 Year Old. That Boutique-y Rum Company has re-named itself for this release. To reflect the fact that this is their first Independent bottling of cachaça. Well done to them we are on of the very few rum websites that have been really banging the drum for cachaça recently and will continue to do so!

For those not familiar with cachaça it is a Brasillian sugar cane spirit. It has been suggested it is actually older than rum but that is an argument I’m not that bothered about getting into.

For those unfamiliar with the Novo Fogo brand I have reviewed a couple of their expressions here and here. Novo Fogo are one of the few cachaça brands that are actively trying to break the US and European markets. They have their own distillery in Southern Brasil. Other cachacas trying to break the European and US market, the likes of Leblon, Sagatiba and Abelha, source their cachaça rather than distill it themselves.

This cachaça was produced on a Copper Pot Still. It was then aged in a combination of Amburana (Brasilian hardwood) and American Oak Casks for 3 years. It has been bottled at 41.2% ABV.

The attractive 50cl bottle which shows people learning how to “Bogo Fogo”, retails at £41.95 from Master of Malt. This batch is limited to 550 bottles. Which should make it pretty much single cask? Bear in mind the Boutique-y bottles are smaller than the industry standard 70cl.

For more detailed information on Novo Fogo, I recommend visiting their own website which has a wealth of information on their production methods etc.

In the glass we have a light to golden brown cachaça.

Nosing reveals a very buttery, soft spirit. Lots of double cream and shortcake. Buttery pastry -croissants and pain au chocolat. A touch of soapiness. Beneath this lies a nice weight of ginger, lavendar and oak spices. Notes of gentle vanilla round off the nose nicely.

Sipped this is a really nicely balanced cachaca. The initial sweetness on the entry. White grapes and butter cookies quickly moves into a very ginger heavy spicy mid palate with notes of shortcake. Almonds and some nice creamy vanilla ice cream.

It is difficult to forget that this is only 3 years old. It does admittedly have quite a large amount of spice and a fair amount of booze but the development of the spirit is still very good. It’s complex and rewarding with a lot of flavour despite it being fairly delicate.

The finish has some floral notes and a nice fade of oak and ginger. It lasts for a medium length and is very satisfying.

That Boutique-y Cachaca Company Novo Fogo 3 Year Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateThat Boutique-y Cachaca Company Novo Fogo Aged 3 Years is a really good first stab at cachaça. It shows the knowledge of the experts they have on board. Yes to date some of the offerings of That Boutique-y Rum Company haven’t all been (in my opinion) first class but they have dared to try. They have dared to bottle something a bit different. Rather than just classics such as Foursquare, Caroni and Hampden. You have to give them credit for that too many independent bottlers go down the easy route which means a glut of very similar rums.

This bottling however is a sure fire hit. It’s easily as good as Novo Fogo’s own branded cachaça. Well worth seeking out, especially as a lot of cachaça available in the UK and Europe is the unaged white stuff. Whilst I’m not knocking that, aged cachaça offers something entirely different.

Give this a whirl if you see it.




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