That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 Jamaica

That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 JamaicaThat Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 Jamaica. A release from a “Secret Distillery” in Jamaica sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Just imagine that The Boutique-y Rum Company have access to an as yet unknown Jamaican rum distillery. Is this a new start up or is it a tiny distiller who has been making their own moonshine for centuries?

It’s neither. It is in fact the name of a Jamaican Rum Producer who has decided, that they do not want Independent bottlers to use the name of their distillery on their bottlings. Whilst they probably can’t legally enforce this. They have requested this be the case. So going forward you will not see the Worthy Park name on future independent releases.

As far as I am aware I won’t get into trouble for disclosing the distillery. Besides which I am just guessing using my amateur palate. I could be completely wrong.

Anyway, with this being the Boutique-y Rum Company we do still get a stack of information about this rum. Which makes a reviewers job so much easier!

Distilled in March 2008. This is a 9-year-old 100% Pot Still Jamaican Rum. It has been aged entirely in a once used bourbon cask. This is a one of the rums from the first “batch” of Boutique-y Rum Company releases and it is still available via Master of Malt.

It is priced at £47.95 and the ABV is a hefty 58%. The bottle size, is smaller than usual at 50cl. There were 426 bottles available on release. Which suggests this rum is bottled at Cask Strength or very near to it. It is noted as being the First Batch, so there may be more casks of this rum available in the future?

That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 Jamaica has spent 6 years ageing in Jamaica before being transferred to the UK.

Presentation wise the labels on the Boutique-y Rum Company are a bit wacky as is their website. If you find the whole ethos familiar, it is likely you are familiar with Jim’ll Paint It. It’s the same artist. The label for this one is and I quote “The label is a visualisation of the rum’s production, featuring sugarcane (that’s the big one), demerara sugar, molasses, unaged rum and aged rum.”

Might just be but it looks more like someone’s trippin’…….The second photo on this review shows a couple of other bottles in the range. All fun stuff and really makes the bottles stand out.

In the glass That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 Jamaica is a medium/dark brown rum, with an orange hue around the edges.

On the nose it is obvious to anyone who has ever tasted anything from this “Secret Distillery”, which distillery this is actually from. Sweet milky builders tea mingles alongside milk chocolate, peanuts and caramel. It’s rich, warm and very inviting. Wafts of vanilla move in and out of the mix.

It’s very typical of a Worthy Park rum. Which is no bad thing as I think they are a fantastic distillery.

Sipped the rum is a little fiery at the full ABV but full of intense fruity and chocolatey flavours. Once you get past the milky tea notes you get a hint of pine cones and then the spicy warming dark chocolate, cocoa and raisin notes being that build up on the mid palate.

This leads to a spicy burst of ginger and banana, with just a touch of pineapple to add a little sweetness. Notes of gooseberry adds a slightly tart note. A touch of salty sea brine as well.That Boutique-y Rum Company Secret Distillery #1 Jamaica

The continental ageing adds a little more spice and perhaps a bit more alcohol burn than the Habitation Velier releases. I wouldn’t say it makes the rum any worse. It’s just a difference rather than an off point to this rum.

The finish is long and has a really nice peppery spice to it, alongside the warming chocolate notes.The vanilla returns giving this a slightly sweeter finish than some Worthy Park rums.

Another really nice rum from Worthy Park.

If you wish to read more about this rum Steve James of Rum Diaries Blog has also reviewed this release.



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