The Duchess Martinique 15 Years Old Rum

The Duchess Martinique 15 Years Old Rum. For 2020,The Duchess Martinique 15 Years Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirate Independent Bottler The Duchess have begun a line of Hummingbird inspired r(h)ums, with artwork, as always from Dutch artist Hans Dillesse.

There has been a little bit of confusion surrounding this rhum. It has been suggested in some parts of the internet that it is a rhum from boutique producer A1710 based at the Habitation du Simon nearby. This rhum is very definitely from the Rhumerie du Simon.

Rhumerie du Simon produce some of Martiniques most highly regarded AOC Rhum Agricole. It produces rhum for HSE (Habitation Saint Etienne) and Rhum Clement. Indeed some of the stills at Rhumerie du Simon are from the old Clement distillery, just up the road. There is a long and rather complex back story behind all this and you may wish to take some time to read up about it at the folllowing links here and here.

The Duchess Martinique 15 Years Old Rum is a Rhum Agricole produced in accordance with the AOC of Martinique. It was distilled from Fresh Sugar Cane Juice on a traditional Coffey Column still. It has been bottled at Cask Strength of 61% ABV. The rhum is presented in a very vibrant 3/4 stubby style bottle with a cork enclosure and a style reminiscent of some Moon Import and Silver Seal bottlings. Though admittedly with a slightly more modern feel to it.

It is taken from a single cask, which was filled in 2014. After 4 years ageing in Martinique it was moved to Europe for a further 11 years of “continental” ageing. It was aged in an ex-bourbon barrel with no finish or secondary maturation. It was bottled in 2019. There were only 196 bottles of this available upon release. It is available at Best of Wines and Zeewijck amongst other independent retailers. A 70cl bottle will set you back €89.

I think that pretty much covers all the information you may need on this bottling. Should you wish to learn more about The Duchess and the man in charge of the operation then please read my review with Nils Van Rijn from back in 2018.

In the glass The Duchess Martinique 15 Years Old Rum is a little lighter than you may expect from a 15 year old rhum. This is partly to do with the continental ageing and it assures me no colouring has been added. The rum is a light golden brown/straw colour.

The nose is fresh and vibrant. Nice notes of straw, vanilla and a touch of something a bit more medicinal lurking in the background. I’m getting a lot of light fruits – white grape, apricots and peaches. Lychees even in a bit of syrup.

For 61% ABV the nose is light and approachable and not at all harsh or boozy. I’m not getting a lot of grassy notes either. There is a hint of spices and oak but not a great deal. That all said the nose is very pleasant and I’m looking forward to trying the rhum,

Sipped at full ABV, this is again quite sweet and very fruity. It reminds me a little of a fruit sorbet – nice citrus lime notes and again lots of sweet white grapes. It doesn’t taste old and oaky – it tastes young and fresh but not rough at all. The rhum has a nice weight of spice – ginger mostly which adds a nice layer of complexity. It’s really easy to sip and has a really nice balance to it.

It’s quite unlike a lot of aged Rhum Agricole in that it doesn’t seem to have taken on that much of the barrel or the barrel has not been “charred” very much. This is certainly a very curious little rhum.

Finish wise it is a decent length and it gently fades out to give a nice note of pear drops and some gentle spices. It’s remarkably subtle and easy going for such a rum at Cask Strength. It is also dangerously easy to sip.

I really enjoyed this. I can certainly see why this particular cask was picked by Nils as it is very interesting. More importantly though it is very good!

Well worth getting a bottle but you will need to be quick.




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