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William Hinton Rum 6 Anos

William Hinton Rum 6 Anos Rum review by the fat rum pirateWilliam Hinton Rum 6 Anos. William Hinton are a rum brand from the Portuguese island of Madeira. I’ve covered a few brands and rums from Madeira but not William Hinton. Which was a bit of a surprise when I came to review this particular rum.

I honestly thought I had reviewed at least one William Hinton rum! Anyway, lets give you a little bit of information on the William Hinton brand. Despite only recently coming to more global attention – perhaps due to the general rise in interest in Agricole Rhum, rum was been produced on Madeira for hundreds of years. Indeed the cultivation of Sugar Cane has been a key part of the islands economy for many years and has increased considerably in recent times. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Rum Nation Rare Rums Engenho Novo 2009 2017

Rum Nation Rare Rums Engenho Novo Small Batch Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum Nation Rare Rums Engenho Novo. Rum Nation are an Italian Independent bottler. Their “Rare Rums” series is a new venture by them in 2017. They have released a number of rums in this series. They are noted as being “Small Batch” rather than Single Cask.

Engenho Novo is a new name to me in the rum world. Engenho Novo is actually a middle class suburb of Rio in Brasil but it is also the name of a spirits producer from the Portugese island of Madeira. Unfortunately the groups website is down at the moment and I have little information to go on. I presume that Engenho Novo comprises of the distillery which produces the William Hinton line of rums that have recently become more commerically available over here in the UK. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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