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William Hinton Rum 6 Anos

William Hinton Rum 6 Anos Rum review by the fat rum pirateWilliam Hinton Rum 6 Anos. William Hinton are a rum brand from the Portuguese island of Madeira. I’ve covered a few brands and rums from Madeira but not William Hinton. Which was a bit of a surprise when I came to review this particular rum.

I honestly thought I had reviewed at least one William Hinton rum! Anyway, lets give you a little bit of information on the William Hinton brand. Despite only recently coming to more global attention – perhaps due to the general rise in interest in Agricole Rhum, rum was been produced on Madeira for hundreds of years. Indeed the cultivation of Sugar Cane has been a key part of the islands economy for many years and has increased considerably in recent times. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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