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Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum review by the fat rum pirate Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum. I have already reviewed the Ron Colon Salavadoreno Coffee Infused High Proof Rum. So today we are dropping the coffee and seeing how the rum stands up on its own.

As noted in the previous review I had though that this was a rum from El Salvador. Which had been distilled on a multi column still at the Cihuatan Distillery. Now to some degree it is but rather strangely it also contains Jamaican rum. Now bearing in mind the “pull” of El Salvadorian rum – which is relatively unknown and unheralded. Jamaica is for many the birth place of rum and Jamaican rum is sought out by most if not all Rum Enthusiasts. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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