Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum review by the fat rum pirate Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum. I have already reviewed the Ron Colon Salavadoreno Coffee Infused High Proof Rum. So today we are dropping the coffee and seeing how the rum stands up on its own.

As noted in the previous review I had though that this was a rum from El Salvador. Which had been distilled on a multi column still at the Cihuatan Distillery. Now to some degree it is but rather strangely it also contains Jamaican rum. Now bearing in mind the “pull” of El Salvadorian rum – which is relatively unknown and unheralded. Jamaica is for many the birth place of rum and Jamaican rum is sought out by most if not all Rum Enthusiasts.

So I’m a little surprised they do not focus more on the Jamaican element of this rum.

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof is presented in the same tall, opaque stylised bottle. The labelling is the same albeit in a different colour scheme. The design is striking and modern. When I first saw the rum I was expecting it to retail (especially bearing in mind the 55.5% ABV) at something a fair bit higher than the £35 price mark it is currently sitting at. You can pick it up at Master of Malt for £35.44.

As well as containing rum from Cihuatan it also contains a blend of unaged rum from Worthy Park, Monymusk and Hampden Estate, there is also some aged rum from Worthy Park.

The exact make up is as follow

70%: El Salvador, 6 years old, distilled in muti-column still from Licorera Cihuatan.

15%: Jamaica, unaged, distilled in pot stills from Worthy Park, Hampden and Monymusk.

15%: Jamaica, 3 years old, distilled in pot still from Worthy Park.

So there you have it quite an unusual blend.Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum review by the fat rum pirate

In the glass, I am surprised to find quite a light distillate. Obviously the bottle did not give any hint as to the colour of this rum. It looks uncoloured – it is not the typical “brown spirit” colour. So it looks like they have left this at a natural colour. Fair play.

The nose is fairly light but I am getting some Jamaican funk alongside the softer more easy going notes. Fermented pineapple juice, black bananas a slight astringency and some nail varnish come through the nose.

The Cihuatan multi column rum gives notes of tobacco, a touch of coffee (no where neat the Coffee Infused rum levels) and a sweetness but nothing which suggest the rum is sweetened. Confirmed by the Hydrometer which suggests no additives.

Sipped its quite a strange mix with the column distilled rum battling a little with the unaged Jamaican rum. At first it seems a bit strange but you do get used to it. I wouldn’t say its the most harmonious of sippers though. The initial entry, as expected is quite fiery and gives a good kick of Jamaican funk and some fiery chilli and pepper notes.

The mid palate calms down a little and the woodiness comes through a little more combined with tobacco and some trace aromas of petrol and nail varnish.

The finish has a reasonable length and the oak spices, wood and tobacco integrate nicely and are complimented by a sharp tangy pineapple and lime flavour.

It’s more of a “glass of firewater” type of sipper. Something you might just knock back to get the party started.Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It’s really used more as an “Overproof” rum where this comes into its own. It’s a good substitute for most Jamaican Overproofs especially if you want to tone down the funk a little and add a few different flavours to a cocktail or mixed drink. In the right hands I’ve no doubt it could be used as a substitute for a couple of rums in a cocktail.

Going forward I think it would be an idea from a commerical perspective to make more of the Jamaican element.

All in all Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Rum is quite an interesting little rum. Also with this one…… don’t have to like coffee.




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