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Cachaca D’Lourdes Carvalho

Cachaca D'Lourdes Carvalho Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCachaca D’Lourdes Carvalho. This cachaca hails from perhaps the most famous cachaca producing state in Brasil – Minas Gerais. However, this cachaca does not hail from the more common city Salinas but even further inland, in the city of Congonhas do Norte.

Production of cachaca in this area is second only to raising cattle in terms of employment. Around 5,000 people live in the city and its surrounding farms. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years

Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years Cachaca review by the fat rum pirateDelicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years. We are back on the cachaca trail. However, in this instance I am introducing you to a cachaca brand from Germany. No, the cachaca obviously is not produced in Germany, but the brand owner Bert Ostermann hails from Friedberg, Germany and the cachaca is bottled there. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

Dose Classica Serie Ouro

Dose Classica Serie Ouro Cachaca Rum review by the fat rum pirateDose Classica Serie Ouro. This is a relatively new cachaça brand which was formed in 2002 by Ralphe Ferreira Jr, who was inspired by his grandfather’s love of Cachaca.

Dose Classica simply translates as “The Classic Dose”. In this instance I do not think the producers are referring to the type of “dose” or “dosage” that some corners of the rum world like to refer to. Read more to see the fatrumpirate rating

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