Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years

Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years Cachaca review by the fat rum pirateDelicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years. We are back on the cachaca trail. However, in this instance I am introducing you to a cachaca brand from Germany. No, the cachaca obviously is not produced in Germany, but the brand owner Bert Ostermann hails from Friedberg, Germany and the cachaca is bottled there.

As a result of this we also have a cachaca which is readily available in the EU. So good news for all of us that can shop within the EU (I can for now at least!). Delicana have won numerous medals domestically and are beginning to expand outside of Germany.

They exhibited at the London Rumfest which was the first opportunity I had to try this cachaca. Since then my “cachaca contact” Leszek Wedzicka has secured my a few samples from Delicana’s range.

As you can see from the photo Delicana Balsamo comes in 3/4 stubby style bottle with a short neck and wide shoulders. The presentation overall is minimalist but very modern and the bottle is very sleek. Unlike many domestic Cachaca brands this is ready for the European market.

Delicana have their own website, where you can buy their cachaca and a variety of other spirits. Delicana Balsamo retails at around €35-40. It is bottled at 40% and as noted in the title Aged 10 Years. The ageing takes place solely in Balsam barrels.

As noted earlier as this is cachaca then it must be produced in Brasil. Delicana Balsamo is distilled on Copper Pot Stills in Salinas, Minas Gerais. It is distilled at a well known distillery which also produces cachaca under its own brands. I have been asked not to reveal the exDelicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years Cachaca review by the fat rum pirateact distillery or location.

So, I’m not left with a great deal else to say about this cachaca. As a result, we may as well just get on with seeing what the contents of the bottle are like!

In the glass we have a cachaca which is a shade or two darker than a white wine. It’s quite light for a 10 year old spirit. Still it is a good sign that as well as not being “sugared” it also has no colouring. This is not a Cachaca Dulce and has no added sugar.

Nosing Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years is a light creamy experience. White wine, vanilla custard and a slight touch of white pepper. It’s not a big beefy nose but it is very nicely balanced.

It’s clean and well put together. Sipping Delicana Balsamo is a similarly well balanced experience. I’m not sure I have had a bad cachaca from Salinas, Minas Gerais and this once again lives up to the expectation. The initial entry is quite sweet with lots of vanilla custard and some light peppery notes. This moves onto a more creamy, milky mid palate with less vanilla.

Finish wise it’s also pretty good. The length on the finish is nice and quite refreshing. The integration of the wood is most apparent here. The finish is long and quite woody.

Delicana Balsamo Aged 10 Years Cachaca review by the fat rum pirate

In a nice way though. This is a cachaca to spend a bit more time on.

At a higher ABV this could be a real contender for one of the best cachaca’s I have tried. I do find that lighter more balanced cachacas such as this one do benefit from an ABV of around 50% ABV. It just gives them a bit more body, a bit more “beef” if you like.

As far as availability is concerned this cachaca is a great purchase for anyone in Europe. A lot of readily available cachaca is unaged/white there isn’t a great deal of aged cachaca available.

That said this is also a very good cachaca – price wise it is certainly well worth the asking price. This is one of my favourite cachacas so far on my own journey.





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