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Rum Nation Caroni 1999 Rum Review by the fat rum pirateRum Nation Caroni 1999 bottled in 2015. Rum Nation have featured a little bit more on the site recently. I’ve had a few bits and bobs from them lying around for some time now. So I thought I would re-visit some of them and finalise the reviews.

The Caroni Distillery has been closed for a good while but the number of Independently bottled rums show no sign of slowing down. Rum Nation must also be one of the Independent bottlers that have quite a stock or access to a stock of Caroni casks.

This is a 15/16 year old old. It was distilled in 1999 and bottled in 2015.This release, Batch number L 15/217, comprises a whopping 4480 bottles. So this is not a single cask release it is, I assume a blend of casks. It is noted as being a Heavy Style Caroni from their Column Stills.  Rum Nation Caroni 1999 was aged in Trinidad for 11 years in American oak with 4 years ageing in the UK. It was then shipped to Piedmont, Italy for a finishing period of 12 months. These casks had previously held Spanish Brandy and Sherry. The hydrometer reveals 15 g/L of additives so perhaps those casks were a little “wet”. Information direct from Rum Nation reveals 9.43 g/L of sugar. Either way it has been “dosed” in some way.

As far as I am aware this rum was released in 2016 and bottles of it are still available. Expect to pay around the £60 mark maybe more in the UK. It is bottled at a hefty 55% ABV.

As can be seen the rum comes in the newer stubby style Rum Nation bottle with a quality cork enclosure and a nice albeit lightweight cut out cardboard sleeve. The classic Rum Nation postage stamp design is also used to good effect. It’s a nicely packaged rum.

Rum Nation Caroni 1999 Rum Review by the fat rum pirate 2In the glass it is a rich dark brown with an orange tinge. The nose on the Rum Nation Caroni 1999 is familiar. It is quite a heavy, full blooded and rich nose. In the glass the rum has a rich,oily almost viscous character. It remind me very much of the Bristol Classic Rum Providence Estate release of a couple of years back.

Familiar notes of petrol and burnt tyres greet the noser. They do not become overbearing though and there is very nice, gentler oak and spiciness which balances the nose. It has a sweetness – Sherry and red wine. At the very end of the nose is a touch of menthol and eucalyptus.

Sipped it is not as “heavy” as I might have expected. I’d say Caroni wise it just touching the heavier styles found in many of the Velier releases. You get an appreciation and feel for both the tropical and continental European ageing with this one. The finish is also very noticeable to add some sweetness.

It’s still quite an intense rum though it is not “sweet” as in the sweetened rum style. Its still very menacing has enough oak, tobacco, petrol and burnt tyres to satisfy a Caroni buff.

It’s got a nice balance to it and its very easy to sip even a the full ABV. The finish is perhaps the most “Caroni” like moment. It’s very smoky and full of tobacco and diesel fumes. The oak and spice really hit the palate and deliver quite a long heated finish.

All in all its quite an enjoyable little sipper and a good introduction to the Caroni style without being too “full on”. It is perhaps a little to sweet though if you are a serious Caroni petrol head. Maybe a touch too rounded and gentle in parts. This stops it from being an amazing rum in my mind. Left without the finish it may have been a better example of Caroni.

Having said that its different and there is no shortage of Caroni so this is a nice departure.



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