Cadenhead’s MEV Enmore Distillery Aged 26 Years

Cadenheads MEV Enmore Distillery 26 Years Old Rum Review by the fat rum pirateCadenhead’s MEV Enmore Distillery. A rum from the Versaille Wooden Pot Still which at the time this rum was distilled way back in 1990 was located at the now defunct Enmore Distillery.

This rum was released as part of Cadenhead’s 175 Year Anniversary releases. It was limited to one bottle per customer. You can actually as of today (10 March 2018) is still available in the UK direct from Cadenheads.

This may be because its fairly pricy in many peoples eyes. The rum is also part of Cadenheads Dated Distillation series of Cask Strength rums. It is bottled at 57.2% ABV. It was distilled in 1990 and bottled in October 2017. The MEV moniker is Main Enmore Versailles. It was priced at £150.

Presentation wise I feel its a little dated and very seventies. Having said that I like that stubby bottle and the commitment to facts rather than marketing bullshit on the packaging.

The rum has been aged in Europe. I dare say 26 Years of Tropical Ageing would leave you with next to no rum at all in the casks.

I’ve reviewed quite a few Cadenheads bottlings and they are usually pretty decent.I am however unsure about this bottlings. Solely due to the long ageing. Might it be old and a bit tired? Over oaked maybe? Or will it be an all time rare classic?

Lets find out.

In the glass the rum is a much lighter than you might expect. It’s almost straw in colour though it looks darker in the bottle.

The nose is quite spicy and a little musty. It has quite a spicy nose with fair amount of sweetness. But it is a bit of a strange sweetness. Its kind of like sweeter Chinese dishes as it has sweetness mixed with a kind of spiced (Cardamon and Cinnamon) and almost savoury meaty undertone. Very herby – sage, coriander and some parsley.

Cadenhead’s MEV has a really unusual and interesting nose with loads going on. It doesn’t remind me of any other Guyanese rum. It’s woody – Marius at Single Cask Rum mentioned Pencil Shavings and you definitely get that.

I wouldn’t say I like everything on the nose but overall its very interesting, if a little bit to busy.

Sipped at full ABV its quite spicy. It remind me very much of Port Mourant rums. Especially those from Bristol Spirits. It has a mustiness to it which sounds unappealing but is strangely pleasant. Especially alongside the anise and licorice.

It is surprisingly accommodating at full ABV and I haven’t felt the need to dilute this one. It has a nice sweetness running through it which balances some more medicinal slightly off notes. Maybe a touch to much of a bitter Marmalade note lurks in there.

Not everything in this rum works. It’s very complex and very interesting. The finish is probably the best part. The spiciness of the oak and the bitter zests come together nicely to give  really long satisfying end to the rum.

Not perfect but I enjoyed it rough notes and all. Might not be for everyone but I certainly got a lot of out of it.




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