Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial Rum review by the fat rum pirateRon de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial. We are delving back into some Latin Style rum. This time with some rum from a country I haven’t covered before El Salvador. The Ron Cihuatan brand have been around in Europe for a few years now. Being honest, these type of rums are not something I actively seek anymore.

I simply prefer rums without additives and dubious age statements and fairy tales, I think that is a more than fair comment to make. I like to know what I am spending my money on. Most importantly though is I like to make sure that you all understand what you are spending your money on. That’s why I don’t “guess” whether rums have additives or completely ignore the subject. It is clearly something which is very important to a lot of rum drinkers. If its not so important to you, then my site might not be to your liking.

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial, does contain some additives. Around 19g/L. So I would say my decision not to buy this rum based on my preferences, is more then fair.

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan hails from the Cihuatan valley in El Salvador. The distillery is situated in the valley, which translates roughly as “the land beside the sleeping woman”

Quite what the exact make up for Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial, is difficult to determine. They have their own very sleek and professional website, which is translated into a few different languages. Which is good but its a little low on facts and information. The information noted about this particular rum (which uses both 12 years and 12 Solera to add to the confusion) is really just a collection of tasting notes. Not so good.

So I had a bit more of a dig around the internet. It seems agreed that this is a Solera Aged “12” rather than a 12 year old minimum aged rum. Despite that front label of this rum stating both! Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It is worth noting that Licorera Cihuatan is a subsidiary of Ingenio La Cabana, a century old sugar mill. The sugar mill provides the molasses used in Ron de El Salvador Cihuatans rums. The rum is produced on a multi column still and is then aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

There are a couple of reviews lurking around the internet that seem to view this rum rather favourably, though I get the feeling some have a score that doesn’t quite match the assessment.

The brand is not readily available in the UK at present. Distribution seems to focus on Denmark and Germany. Amazon stock it at €45.99 which seems to be the going rate. Presentation wise its all very nice with a tasteful stubby bottle, with a chunky cork stopper and a nice presentation box to store your rum. There seems to be to different ones in circulation as you can see from the photos. It is bottled at 40% ABV.

In the glass the rum presents itself as a golden brown colour with an orange hue. Nosed the sweetness hits you immediately. It is very familiar. Notes of light toffee, brown sugar and some caramel. There is a slightly confected almost synthetic note to it. Beneath this you get a decent enough hit of oak and some spice. A touch of ginger and cinnamon.

It’s light and very easy going. A little on the weak side to be honest. Sipped it offers few surprises. It is I must admit more “rummy” than I might have expected. The rum does have a fair hit of oak and wood spice alongside the sweetness. It even has a slight bitterness to it.

Unfortunately, though there is a heavy saccharin note to this rum. It’s overly sweet on the entry and the mid palate has a real bitterness. It doesn’t taste like a really young rum but at the same time it offers little excitement. The finish is pretty much non existent. It’s limp and insipid. It’s just sugary, oaky water. There is no real body, no bite nothing to get excited about.Ron de El Salvador Cihuatan 12 Solera Reserva Especial Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It’s a very easy sipper but its overly simple and just not at all memorable. Boring and limp.

It’s not for me and in all fairness if you aren’t a big fan of this type of rum, I would steer clear.

Good solid Latin style “sweeter” rum is available Santa Teresa, Flor de Cana etc go with those if you want that style. I’d give this a miss.

It’s not the worst offender in terms of additives but it’s not great rum.




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  1. Crikey, 19g/L would make me ill, I recently tried a 8g/L dosage that I still had trouble drinking. I am not exaggerating, I simply can’t stand sugar or any kind of sweetener (except honey), and don’t even have it in the house. If it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t be able to try out different rums. I also tried a rum that claimed it had no dosage, but felt there was something there to smooth it out if not sweeten it. Now I’m wondering if they have lowered the ABV on the label after the dosage to foil the fatrumpirate!

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