Privateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum

Privateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum review by the fat rum piratePrivateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum. Thanks to increased distribution in Europe and very generous samples from rum fans around the world, I’m beginning to build up a nice set of Privateer Rum reviews.

In this instance huge thanks to the person who sent me this particular sample of Overproof Rum. Very much appreciated. I often think I should thank people personally but I worry I may embarrass some. I could ask in advance I suppose…..

Anyway, what we have here is another Single Barrel release in the Distillers Drawer series of rums being released by Privateer International. So the rum comes in the familiar tall thin Privateer bar style bottle with a cork enclosure and a wooden stopper.

The front label details some information regarding the contents of the bottle. The handwritten style will be familiar to those who have had the Distillers Drawer series in the past. I like the presentation and the detail that is contained on the label.

So I have release no#107 from Privateer, they release a lot of single barrels. Hand Selected by P. Newsom which has been matured in “Neutral Vessel”. It is not at 126 proof or 63% ABV. 420 bottles in total were produced. The retail price was $35. Unsurprisingly this particular barrel is now sold out.

Further information on the Privateer website, reveals it was actually rested in a single stainless steel cask. On March 12th 2020 Kate Perry who works for Velier (who distribute Privateer in Europe) as a Brand Manager visited the distillery and helped with the production of this particular rum. She was also asked to select the final bottling proof. The rum was released as a homage to that particular day.

In the glass the spirit is unsurprisingly, crystal clear. Stainless Steel should impart no colour unlike a wooden barrel.

Privateer International Letter of Marque Sisters in Arms rum review by the fat rum pirateThe nose is surprisingly creamy and quite soft after a little time in the glass. A quick swirl brings some fruitiness to the fore. Gooseberries, lime, some red apple and a touch of lychee. It shows its teeth a little more now!

There’s a peppery note as well dancing over the top of the fruitiness. There’s also a strong note of molasses and what I can only describe as booze!

Moving into the sip, Privateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum is quite sharp and very spicy. Lots of dark pepper, chilli like heat and some strong notes of caramel and molasses. At the full ABV it’s certainly a bit of an assault on the senses.

Luckily a couple of sips in and my palate is adjusting to the alcohol. Which is good because beneath that is a really nice balance of dark fruits, vanilla and some punchy molasses. I’m getting some tangy fruit notes – lemon/lime, sour grapefruit and those little Haribo “Tangfastic” sweets. (I’ll have to pinch a packet off the bairns after this)

The mid palate develops into a sweet caramel and almost honeyed sweetness. Then just as you think it’s mellowing out a little – it starts to heat up again. There’s also a big sweet/sour bourbon mash type vanilla flavour going on. As the heat builds you realise you are working towards the finish.

Whilst the rum finish isn’t long per se it is still very enjoyable. It builds into a fiery heat of chilli and black pepper and dark treacle – more intense than the molasses previou

Privateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum

sly. Due to the proof the “buzz” remains in your mouth for sometime but the overall flavour and heat fade quite quickly.

Trying to compare this to other Overproof White Rums in the mould of the traditional Jamaican rums. It’s just not like that at all. It nods more towards a Demerara Overproof but again – no not really. Closest thing to this I can think of taste wise would probably be Habitation Velier Foursquare 2015, which was also limited to around 400 bottles. I prefer this bottling to be honest.

In terms of mixing this – I did try it with a little cola and it did pretty much blow my socks off. In a good way. So probably a handy rum to have around for a bartender or mixologist.

Were we to see a Overproof White from Privateer become more commercially available and for sub £50 over here, I’d be buying one.

I certainly feel like I’ve put a few hairs on my chest today……..




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