Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum

Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum review by the fat rum pirateRosemullion Distillery Gold Rum. Over the past 5 or so years there has been an explosion of rum being produced in the UK. I’ve covered quite a bit of it. Some rum being marketed as “British Rum” is actually Caribbean rum that is either being re-distilled or having spices, botanicals and/or flavours added.

It is then being sold as a “British” product. A few producers are also bending/ignoring EU regulations and producing “rum” made from sugar beets and or rehydrated sugar cane juice.

Fortunately a number of producers such as Sugar House, J Gow and Ninefold are leading the way up in Scotland distilling their own products from imported molasses. Sugar Cane simply won’t grown in the UK. The Caribbean climate we do not have.

Further down in the UK Penderyn are producing Siddiqui rum in Wales and distilleries such as English Spirit, Two Drifters, Portsmouth Distillery and Unconventional Distillery are leading the way in terms of production in England. Over in Northern Ireland Copeland and Killoween Distillery have also began producing their own rums.

Rosemullion Distillery is set in the rural Cornwall countryside, near the Helford River. The distillery was established in 2018. They currently produce Award Winning Gin and Rum. They have 3 rums in their portfolio and a number of different gins.

Rosemullion produce their gin and rum on a bespoke Copper Pot Still. Their spirits are extremely small batch. Producing just 100 bottles per batch.

Today I am reviewing their Gold Rum expression. This is 100% Pot Still rum. The Gold Rum has no age statement. Obviously with the distillery being 3 years old, unlike some Central/South American “distilleries”  the age of the rum is in keeping with that.

Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum review by the fat rum pirateRosemullion have advised that they age the rum in American Oak Barrels. They age to a taste profile but typically they age the rum for around 18 months. They do have more aged stock put away for future releases, which will have an age statement. Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum is reduced to bottling strength of 43% ABV with pure Cornish spring water.

You can pick up a bottle at the distillery’s own shop for £36 for a 70cl bottle. In terms of presentation the rum is presented in a very nice rounded bottle, with a heavy glass base and a very chunky cork stopper, with the Rosemullion Distillery logo on the front of the bottle and on the Cork Stopper.

Each of the Rosemullions rums come in the same bottle. They are differentiated by the label which is attached to the neck of the bottle. The rear gives details of the batch number and bottle number. I have batch RG10 and bottle number 12.

So with that I think that is pretty much all the information we should need for now. Besides which I have their other 2 rums to review as well so I need to keep somethings back to make those reviews interesting. No one wants to read the same thing again I’m sure.

In the glass, unsurprisingly the rum is a lovely golden colour. I cannot see any signs of any caramel colouring. The appearance looks natural.

On the nose Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum has notes of caramel, toffee and vanilla. I’m also getting notes of Banana Bread, pineapple and a touch of a perfumed note. It’s not quite as molasses heavy as some other UK based rums.Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum review by the fat rum pirate

It’s a nicely balanced nose and has a nice integration with the American Oak cask – so you get a nice hit of bourbon-esque vanilla notes and a nice array of spices and some nicely aged oak notes. All in all it’s very inviting.

Sipped Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum is remarkably smooth and quite easy going. For such a young rum I really wasn’t expecting something quite so well rounded and balanced.

The initial sip gives an inital hit of spicy oak and some bitter dark chocolate. This is followed by a burst of sweetness – some sweet banana and pineapple and a touch of red apple. On the mid palate the rum becomes quite sweet with some icing sugar and vanilla mingling with the lightly spiced oak.

I really wasn’t expecting too much from such a young rum in terms of a sipper. Although as I have touched upon earlier it isn’t particularly heavy in terms of molasses it does have quite a weight of caramel and toffee running through the sip.

Finish wise the rum has a medium finish, which has a surprising lack of “burn”. In fact overall for a rum less than 2 years, this really is very gentle and easy going. All the flavours and notes of this rum are really nicely integrated. You get the feeling this has been produced with real care for what they are doing.

The finish is a nice mixture of toffee and oak spice. Hints of vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. All in all as sipper this is surprisingly good. The relatively easy going

Rosemullion Distillery Gold Rum review by the fat rum pirate

nature and the 43% ABV could put this firmly in the “every day sipper” mould. Certainly a couple of glasses of this after work are proving very popular with me anyway…….

As the review alludes to this rum has a lot of “classic” rum flavours. The notes I have used are quite “stereotypical”. That said I think they do reflect how this rum actually tastes.

As a result in terms of a mixer this Gold Rum works really well with mixers such as cola and ginger beer. The caramel/toffee notes work nicely alongside those mixers and the oak spices give a nice depth to a highball.

To be fair though I really didn’t mix this rum too much. It just felt a bit of a waste.

Quite looking forward to trying some of their more aged rums going forward but this is a really great start.




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