Havana Club 15 Anos

HavanaClub15In 2014 Havana Club updated the presentation of their 15 year old rum.  Along with the update of the former Barrel Proof to Seleccion de Maestros and with a new cigar pairing rum to be released, Havana Club were geared to introducing a new range.

That new range was named the Iconica Collection and comprises of Seleccion de Maestros, Havana 15 Year Anos, Union and Maximo.  All the rums now come in a sleek bottle along the lines of this one.

Havana Club 15 has long been the companies most premium rum.  It is now relegated to 3rd place in terms of expense at least.  At around £120 for a 70cl bottled at 40% ABV it is not a cheap 15 year old rum.

The rum is made up of some of the best aged rums and aguardientes in Havana Clubs extensive cellars.  All the rum in this blend is at least 15 years old so it true to its age statement much like Appleton Estate.

Again I tried this rum as part of a Iconica Tasting.  As a result my time spent with this rum is a lot less than my usual reviews.  From looking around the web I found few reviews on this rum and even less worthy of serious consideration (free sample for softball review).

As with all Havana Club rums this is a column distilled blend of rums.  Whilst often these rums are a little to light for my tastes or  have just to much tobacco/tar in their profile I have had some pleasant surprises in the world of “ron”.

When I originally tasted the 15 Anos alongside the other Iconica Collection rums I actually found this my last favourite by quite some distance.  So on with a little nosing.  Whilst I only had a small sample of this rum, I have been able to re-visit it and make some notes when nosing the rum.

HavanaClub152Whilst the Seleccion de Maestro and the Union had that definite Havana Club twang in the mix the 15 anos has the upfront sweetness of the old style Anejo Especial at the forefront.  It’s very sweet almost perfumed.  There is depth to the nose – but its more sweetness vanilla, honey.  The oaked notes and the chocolate richness of some of the other rums isn’t really pleasant and instead I’m getting the almost tarry/tobacco note which I very much dislike.  For me the nose is far too sweet and I really do not enjoy nosing this rum.

Taste wise the rum again hits you up front with a lot of sweetness.  It is spicy as well with some warming peppery heat.  It has quite a lot going on and each (limited) sip I have gives me a little more.  There is sweetness honey and vanilla, a little sweet toffee apple.  A little spice and hint of oak but not as much as any of the other Iconica Collection rums or even the 7 anos.  There is more of the sickly tobacco/tar note again which I just don’t find appealing.

I’m not rushing out to buy this rum. I have a bottle of Seleccion de Maestros which I would say is superior to this.  For me its better balanced, less sweet with more oak.  Overall this isn’t a bad rum but for £120 not one I’ll ever buy or one I would recommend to anyone other than the staunchest Havana Club fan.  Not for me I’m afraid.  Above average at best and one you wouldn’t really mix at this price.

2.5 stars




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